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I am taking my family on a short camping trip.  It's not like we are going to the deep woods or anything.  We are going to a (very) nearby campground with several other families that we've known since the early '90's.  Over the years we've gone to different churches, some have moved away and then moved back again.  Through out though, we've all kept in touch and gotten together for some Christian fellowship.  They did this last year, but being the anti-camping types, my beloved and i just brought our kids out for the day on Saturday.  This year, we opted to go ahead and stay the whole weekend.  Wouldn't you know... we have two soccer games on Saturday, my beloved works all three days, and we still do not own any camping equipment.  Have no fear, dad (i.e. me) will be trucking the kids outs with my beloved to set up the campsite and staying out until he has to shuttle the soccer players around.  It will be fun, just a little extra coordination.  Pictures (maybe) when we get back.

I just checked some old notes regarding when i first started my run through Valour and the King's Gauntlet.  It has been over 35 days!  Granted... i took last weekend off to go hunt mice in the Mountains with the Mouse Hunter's Century Club (MHCC).  It was nice to take some time off to shake off the dust and tedium of trying to make such a prolonged journey.  I can foresee that if too many of my fellow mouse hunters try and do the jaunt as i am (starting with 1,000 pieces of swiss cheese), they could very well grow bored and may leave the game forever.  If anyone should read this, i highly encourage brief journeys to the Gauntlet with a lot of side trips.  I am taking notes to share at a later date regarding catch rates, and cheese ratios as i go.  For example, using just swiss cheese i started with 1k pieces of swiss for Tier I.  I gained enough potions on that run to make 684 pieces of cheese (using just swiss cheese)  for Tier II.  I almost done with my run on Tier II and have 575 pieces of cheese poised and ready to use for tier III, and i am likely to have more pieces before i commence my run there.  The side trip last weekend has me interested in working on some more "century collections" of mice.  Currently i have caught at least 100 of 22 different breeds of mice.  I also have a lot of "surplus" cheese and potions to make special cheeses that could be used to gain a for more "century collections".  As a diversion, i just might go use up some of this surplus before i start Tier III.  I know my readers are just dying to know all this. 8)

MouseHunt is what is known as a 'Passive' game.  That is it is not a Java based game.  You do not have to hover over it to play.  One sets up a trap, and they can either hunt every 15 minutes, or just allow the automatic trap checks do it for you once an hour.  Well, last night without warning, my brain came up with an idea for a different genre of a Passive game for Facebook.  Since i am not a programmer of any kind i really have no idea how to pursue seeing if i could make something of this idea.  I also know that just presenting an idea to a company rarely sees results... so... i went out and bought a little pocket sized notebook to jot all of my notes in.  I will see if i can draw in those who are programming types, and hopefully some graphic artists types, and see if between us we can come up with an 'Alpha" version of the game.  try and play test it, etc.  If i can get it to a decent level i will probably try and in turn sell it to a company like HitGrab.  Less than 5 years ago (as of this posting) they started with just two guys, and now they are a small company working on many projects and making money at it.  Yes i am still writing.  Yes i still play Fallout 3.  I know, i know!  So many part time endeavors... so little projects completed.  Such are the workings of a person with ADD. 8)

Last weekend i watched the Temple Grandin movie again.  What a good movie! (Nominated for 15 Emmy's and it winning 7 of them.)  But while i watched it i realized just how incredible this woman really is.  God has helped her not only realize that she is different, but helped her use her gifts for so many others.  While i think in pictures similar to her, i do not see every pair of shoes i've ever seen, but when i hear the word shoe.... i picture shoes.  When someone says dog, i picture dogs.  I will never be as brilliant as Temple, but what God has done in my brain i have been able to use to help me "see" how computer networks work.  Really cool.  Until very recently, i thought everyone thought as i did, but i have learned that many people do not think "in pictures" but rather in words.  That was very confusing to me. 

Before i close this out for the week... recently a friend talked about a series her pastor is doing regarding prayer.  In the sermons her pastor is saying that prayer should be done out loud.  I will not go into what the intentions were, or all that was said because i was not there, and i really do not have a complete picture of the message, but her blog post did get me thinking.  I tend to be a silent prayer myself.  But more than that, i tend to just close my eyes were ever i am and just pray.  This is a good thing i believe, but i have been feeling "convicted" of not taking the time to go ahead and get down on my knees in prayer from time to time.  Obviously this is not always possible, but i almost never do that, and i do not think that is a good thing.  I really believe that we can pray anytime, anywhere, in any method that is available to us, but... there are times where the act of kneeling really would help "bend" one's heart as they come before God, and THAT is what is important.  Just as i believe that any translation of the Bible can be used to learn about the things of God ~ especially when one is honestly seeking after the things of God ~ we can pray in any method.  But just because there are many means, not all means are equally useful/beneficial.  There are times when one needs to take the time and "bend the knee", "bow the heart" before God.  Thinking about the things of God... always a good thing.  I encourage anyone who reads this to do these things, always seeking to know God's thoughts, and not impose your thoughts, on the ways and things of God.  I include myself in this.

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