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We have entered week #4 of my beloved re-entering the workforce and her darling husband is still finding himself stretched, "Like... butter scrapped across too much bread", and there is no holiday around the corner.  At least not in the near future.  We have one planed in the late Fall, but that seems so very far away right now.  And what i really want is a weekend away just the two of us... I am adjusting, and she is loving the challenge and the adult interaction on a professional level.  I am finding myself a tad jealous of her job though.  Not sure if that is an accurate word choice though.  When she is at work she is stressed to be sure, but she also has such a good relationship with most of the people that work there.  Many are still there from when she left to be a SAHM.  She laughs with them, she jokes around with them.  I have not told her this because i want her to know more that i support her, and that i am so proud of her.  This opportunity is about and for her, not about me.  I am praying for her continued success.

Last week was the season opener for the NFL and the Carolina Panthers opened up on the road against the New York Giants.  Fortunately, with the Washington Redskins having a prime time game on Sunday night, i was able to watch the game "live".  I say live, but what it really was, was paused on DVR as i was doing "recovery" work from our little camping trip.  Which was fine, that way i could skip commercials and even between play commentary.  The first half was an enjoyable game for me as a Panthers fan, but when they retook the field in the second half it was uh-glee.  The New York coaches must have put the fear of God into the Giants because they came out fired up and ended up allowing Carolina to score two more points... and that was on a blocked punt.  Back in August, i stretched my hopes and predicted a 9-7 season (not here on the blog)... after seeing what happened in the 3rd and 4th quarter last week... i am thinking i pulled a ligament or something.  A bright spot for me though... John Kasay came in and booted a 52 yard field goal.  At 40, that is awesome.  The last original Carolina Panther seems to be the sole constant for this team this year.  Final score: Carolina 18, New York Giants 31.  ouch  - Next week Carolina has their home opener against division rivals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At one time they were Carolina's fiercest rivals, but that has waned of late.  I still feel they are, but the media has not hyped it up as much.

Thunder afar off
No reverberation here
Rain floods the valley

My traipse through the King's Gauntlet is taking forever.  If anyone out there who stumbles across this blog plays MouseHunt on Facebook, i would highly encourage you to NOT just plow through the Gauntlet.  You should visit it, hunt for a little while and then move on to another area.  Don't get me wrong, i still really love this game, and i am wanting to do a 'study' if you will, of how to get through the Gauntlet, but it can get tedious.  I stay in the gauntlet during the week, and will run out to other regions on the weekends to change things up some.  It also doesn't help that i am saving up for my next needed trap.  600k gold is a lot of money.  Another thing i like about this game, is that the more veteran players are so willing to help out us newer ones.  I have had an offer to have the money i need to be gifted to me, but i have chosen to plod through and earn the money on my own for now.  Besides, i have already accepted help to get the Digby Drillbot.  8)  I will finish out Tier III next week, and then another week or so for Tier IV.  After i complete my run on Tier IV i will be moving on to the "Tribal Isles".

Not much else to report... mind is swimming... maybe i can get some more Fallout 3 in over the weekend.

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Susan at Stony River said...

Congratulations to your wife, that sounds awesome! I'm torn about going back to work myself; I remember the good and the bad -- paycheck and all.

52-yard field goal? Good grief. I might be able to pull that off, on a good day ... with the help of a cannon, some gunpowder and a match ... LOL

Good luck at the game -- your experience sounds like exactly why I don't play computer games; I know I'd love it but that would be dangerous! LOL