What a long weekend

It seems like forever since i last updated this blog, but in reality it's only been what... 3 days?  Let's see, we had friends over until 1:30 AM, we've had two soccer games, a basketball game, Awana's (that i did not go to), i've changed jobs (well, not really, just employeers), started another blog entry that i will work on from time to time until i am happy with it, began using a CPAP machine last night, and to put the cherry on top, my beloved will be leaving for an Autism related conference tonight.  Life remains in a constant state of change, and intellectually i know that God is in charge and all things will ultimately be fine ~ and yet i still struggle with change.  I am constantly preaching to myself about God's sovereignty and to not allow my flesh to dictate how it reacts, and yet during these times of more upheavel than usual i have a very hard time sleeping, etc. Why is that?

Another thing that set me off kilter this weekend was a comment left by another well meaning person who has had issues with Sovereign Grace Ministries.  They felt that i needed to see the "other side".  In the end i just deleted their comment.  I have never seen the things they are referring to, nor have i known anyone who experienced such things.  Therefor i am unable to speak to such things.  I also find myself disagreeing with their theology.  So, in the end i feel that i do not need to know, nor do i wish to affiliate myself with, them.  I acknowledge that bad things can happen no matter what church you attend.  And while abuses need to be reported, differences of theology sould not be escalate to the point of causing open hostility. I am not a good debator, nor do i wish for this blog to become a forum for such debates.  I do not mind brief discussions, but this is not a place for debate.  As for me, i very much appreciate, approve of, support, and encourage others to attend Sovereign Grace Churches, and listen to messages by CJ Mahaney and the Pastors who seek to proclaim the gospel through Sovereign Grace Ministries.  God did not make us all Baptists, or Methodists, or Catholics.  But He has made me a Reformed/Charismatic/Calvinist/Non-Denominational/Fundamentalist Christian.  Opinions are like armpits, only yours stinks worse than mine. ;-)  I am aware that there will be a great many things that i hold as true in my mind that will not stand before the ultimate Judge of the universe.  My trust does not begin, or even end, with what i hold to be true.  It is firmly held by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who came to the world in the form of a human child, who lived a sinless life, and then willingly went to the cross in order to be a propitiation for sins on my behalf.  He died there on the cross, was buried, and on the third day rose again.  He has since ascended to Heaven where He intercedes for me yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He is God and i am not.  He is the perfectly Holy and righteous judge, and without Christ there is nothing within me that has not been tainted by sin.  No matter how "correct" my own views and opinions are.  Although i am fully justified before the Throne of God, i am being remade daily as i walk out my ongoing sanctification and being transformed more and more into the image of Jesus.  It pains me to hear that others are not being as blessed as i have been through Sovereign Grace Ministries, but that is true of anyone who attends any church.  Because man is involed, so will sin.  I pray that all those who are not in a church where they are being blessed and growing in Christ would find a church where this can happen.  The name on the door is not relavent.  What is relavent is that the gospel be proclaimed, that Christ is glorified, and that His people are growing in Christ.

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