The start of a new season

Since 2 days before DS1 (my oldest) was born i have been employed with the same company. That seems to be rare in today's corporate climate. Over fourteen years with the same company. I love the company i am now leaving. They have been incredible in helping me really get on my feet career-wise. Early on they sent me to all kinds of schools, they were there for all three of my children. For the last twelve of my years in the National Guard they supported me with covering the difference in my salary during my two week deals, as well as for my entire thirteen months of active duty. So, it was sad when i found out that they had lost the contract for the agency i currently work for. I had to make some hard decisions about if it would be worth starting the mega-commute again in order to stay with them, or should i stay where i am and seek to be employed with the new contract holder. In the end, for quality of family life reasons, i chose the latter.

Now... on to my regularly scheduled rambling...

I have been having a hard time getting fingers to keyboard of late.  I really have been itching to write some more, to expound on the characters i have, but life has been conspiring against me.  A coordinated attack that even all of the pawns don't realize the role they are playing.  I have decided that my oldest character will probably become more of solitary guy... sort of like a hired role player (Doc / inventor) with the Steel Spiders.  My intent with him has always been to visualize the day to day things in the Under Hive.  My second oldest has been about to experience a serious life style shift - for about 2 months now.  No shift can occur unless i actually write about it.  Then there are the two new kids on the block.  The 1st of the two needs some tweaking in his current story arc, and the 2nd actually needs to get an introduction.  The only female lead... well, i 've got nothing for her right now... she will have to sit idle at least until something new comes up in my mind.

Yesterday my blog actually got spammed with about 15 comments from someone writing in Chinese.  When i used the Google page translator (very handy IMO) it was for a lot of things that i would rather not advertise, so i went through and deleted all of them.  I have word verification for the comments, but... didn't seem to work.  I really don't want to have to personally verify each and every comment that gets added... but if it happens again i might just change my mind.

My mind has been so random of late that i have three unpublished blog entries filled with notes for future blogs, and i haven't even touched one of them for today (yet)! I have one for TRON, one of just one line entries, and one i've been working on regarding my thoughts on God's sovereignty and man's free will.  Ok, i will take two from my "one-liners" and call it a day for today...

The first is Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers has declared that he doesn't want to be "The Man" anymore. (A good ESPN article regarding this)  Some may see this as a weakness in a professional sports player, but i see this as a man willing to set his personal pride aside to better serve the team.  He is recognizing that he is getting older, and while he has not "slipped" all that much, he is not recovering from the weekly aches and bruises as he used to, nor is he going to be able to maintain that top speed for many more years.  This serves as a notice to the Panthers that they can't keep doing the things they have in regards to the Wide Receiver position by not really having two complimentary receivers out there.  #89 has been the man, and i sincerely they do get a #1 to replace him.  I really want to see Steve Smith retire with a Panthers jersey on.  I feel he has earned that.

I will end today's blog with my favorite episode from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Back when my beloved and i were "just" dating we would go to a weekly "hanging out" with "KEG's" family to watch Star Trek TNG.  She was hooked on the one where the Enterprise kept looping back through time and had Kelsey Grammer as the Captain of the ship that they keep "bumping" into.  But favorite is The Inner Light from season 5.  This is the episode where Captain Picard is affected by a drifting Space Probe and he finds himself living the life of a man on a dying planet.  I have tried to figure out what it is about this episode that appeals to me beyond the fact that Picard begins playing a tin-whistle-like instrument.  It has been a personal desire of mine to learn and play like that.  Just what i need... something more to take up my abundant free time... but just like a former employer used to say - free time will not schedule itself.

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