Music Monday - 20100405

Late last week an acquaintance on Facebook linked up my song selection for this week.  While i am unable to find the lyrics for it (yet), and the song is a "Lament", it is not about what Christ accomplished, but for what He had to endure.

A Sacred Lament (Easter Song)
Teresa Acquaviva - Songs From The Border


Those who know me best probably already know that while i concur about who we are in Christ (redeemed, forgiven, sons and daughters of God, alive in Christ), i tend to feel that ~ at least in America ~ the emphasis is far too often on us, and not on God.  The one who is actually responsible for our position.  Too often our worship is self-centric, and not often enough God-centric.

Easter for me is indeed a time of rejoicing.  A time when i do let my emotions run a little wild in regards to rejoicing and dancing for what Christ has done for me.  But my relationship with God is not about what God has done, or can do,  for me... like some kind of Gennie in a bottle, but about who i am in Christ because of what He has done, and what He is doing, and what He will do.  Songs like this sort of bring it home that while this is indeed an infinitely good thing for me, it came at a cost i could never hope to endure or pay.  A cost that was completely placed upon my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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