One needs to exercise the muscles in order to keep them healthy... and that includes one's brain.

I want to go running and screaming into the woods!!! Whew, ok, now that i have that off my mind...

I am not a professional writer, and i am pretty sure i could not make it as one. My thoughts are too disjointed, my writing skills (at least punctuation/grammer wise) are poor, and my orginanizational skills are woefully inadequate. This causes me no small amount of consternation when trying to look for old notes, recall "facts" and events for the heroes of my tales, and yet... i love to write short stories. 

What it is, is that i am experiencing growing pains as i try and write for more of an on-going like series than disjointed stories.  I've mentioned this before, but i have five on-going characters and i like these fictional "people".  I have an idea of their backgrounds and their personalities.  I am especially fond of the "newest" kid on the block.  I have done more research on this one character then i ever did for a paper in school.  Probably because he is the most unlike me. The character is an Eldar Ranger who finds himself stranded on an inhospitable planet where most of the human population have an ingrained sense of zenophobia.

While doing the research i have found very few books that are written from a non-human perspective. I am also a little picky about the type of Elf i envision. I am leaning heavily towards how Tolkien envision his elves, with heavy influence from Games Workshop, .  Which is probably pretty good since i write all of my stories within their universe, especially within Necromunda.  I have scrounged up both a current (5th edition) Eldar Codex, as well as a 2nd edition Codex.  I have made personal copies of various sources from the web, i have a used copy of The Complete Book of Elves for AD&D, and i plan on buying both Shadow King and Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe.  I am constantly tweaking Elrain Luinon Râdîr.  I think this goes back to my days when i played Role Playing games every day after school.  For me, that type of escapism is better than movies or books.  Which is why God has graciously removed me from such environments.  It feels like God has given me the joy of writing.  Through my writing i can enjoy those "worlds" by practicing some of the talents and gifts He has given me, while being restricted to just an occasional hobby (as opposed to being an all encompassing deal).  I have been invited a few times to join friends to play those games, but i have kindly turned then down.  I know my own personality too well.

Wow... i have no idea where i was going with all this... and now... i am out of time. 8)

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Anonymous said...

Does not matter where you were going - just matters that you went on the trip with Him and enjoyed the ride because He was with you!

Glad you like to write and I really like reading what you write!