Racing around the circle of reasoning

For the past two days i've noticed something about myself... i am having trouble focusing on the tasks at hand. Some of it may just be that i got called into work in the middle of the night yesterday, but i've sort of felt this way before and me thinks i see a pattern. Yesterday i realized that i had forgotten to take my ADD meds the previous day and a half (since just before the in-laws left). Does anyone else find it funny that you have to remember to take a med that helps you focus and remember things? Isn't that like saying you have to paint the barn red, because the barn is red you need to paint it? Or something like that (i couldn't think of something more witty than that... sorry ). The kids will be starting school in the next week or so. What a pain for the parents too. We have to re-teach them to get up early, to make sure they get their homework done... stuff like that. DS1 is usually pretty good at self regulating, but DS2 starts middle school this year. It will be the first time he has had to switch classes and there will be a lot more homework. *sigh* Working with him on homework is like trying to self extract a tooth. Meanwhile DD3 has begun to self-teach. She has pulled out old workbooks and begun to practice doing homework, etc. Meanwhile she is getting excited about wanting to start up the Fall soccer games. She is very athletic but we just don't have the time and money to keep her involved in everything she wants to do... gymnastics, ballet, soccer, and horse riding. She has to make hard choices to pick and to choose. DS1 wants to run track this year, but we've been having a hard time getting any information from the school on it, and DS2 just wants to come home and do nothing (sort of). We try and keep them active without overwhelming the parents. The past week or two has been kind of refreshing. Not that i like to sweat, but it has finally felt like summertime around here. Temps in the 90's with high percentage humidity. I really don't like the dog days of summer, but it just hasn't felt like summer with temps in the 70's and mild humidity. When you've grown up in the Washington DC area there are just certain things you come to expect... and such weather is one of them. One thing that such weather usually brings is thunderstorms!, but even those have seemed mild this year. During my last Annual Training with the National Guard last year i had accidentally knocked over a small Ash Wood tree while moving into my unit's position. The CUCV had pushed it over to a 45° angle. Since i spent a lot of my time at the BOC when i was not out doing the 'beans, bodies, and bullets' part of being a First Sergeant, i went ahead and knocked it all the way over and cut it down to a comfortable walking stick size (just under my arm pit). Once i peeled off the bark (which was very easy, and very wet) and whittled down the raised portions i set it out to dry. The thing is amazingly hard. Since then i've gather up my old regimental crests, branch insignia, a set of Air Assault wings, and a Chaplin's cross. I need to finish sanding down the handle and polishing up the miniaturized brass, then get all the trinkets mounted. Once that is all done an nice thick lacquer coat. But i drag my feet so long. It's been sitting in my bedroom since the Spring! I am sure my beloved would like for me to finish it up and move it back out of the room. Maybe this weekend...

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