Music Monday - 20090817

There are times when i feel really, really small. This is a good thing because these are the times i am reflecting on the things of God. It is during these times when i am most aware of where i stand in relation to Him. That He is God and i am not. This is a good thing. There are times when i feel inadequate to sing praise to my God, when i feel like i can/should not even lift my face, let alone my voice, to Him. It's not just that i am a finite contemplating the infinite... not even "just" that i am a sinner in relation to a Holy and just God... it is because He is God and i am not. The former things also play a part in that... but it's not just that sometimes... and yet such is the reason Christ came to the Earth in the form of a man so that He could relate to man and even... me. That i could have fellowship with Him... that i could be restored to the Father... that i could dare to approach the throne of Heaven to sing... and sing... and that brings joy to Him. I love my song for today. I love when i hear it playing on the radio and i am seriously considering buying the entire album.
This Fragile Breath by - Todd Agnew Album - Grace Like Rain I searched the world for a song that I could sing Praise to my King, A gift that I could bring But no music I found could compare to You Not one could do Justice to Your glory What are my songs compared to Yours CHORUS: You speak with thunder and lightening Your voice shakes the mountains The foundations of the earth All I can offer is this fragile breath With each one I'll praise You With each one I'll praise You more I searched the world for a poem I could read A rhyme that would bring Glory to my King But no writing I found was worthy of This God high above all other gods What are my words compared to Yours CHORUS

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Ms. Coffee said...

Actually read this and listened to this yesterday but didn't comment.

What a great song! What a great gift to Him.

Nice pick