Wacky, Wild, incoherant rambling Wednesday

It has been over a week since my last blog and there are way too many things i want to blog about and not enough time on my hands to coherently type them all out... so crazy ramblings will ensue... My beloved is recovering "well" since her surgery last week. Anytime someone cuts another open and removes and moves so much "material" you are bound to have some pain. She is up and moving around pretty much on her own, but still has some pain when certain things occur. After her follow up visit at the doctor's office yesterday we have been told that things are good. The pain will subside over time. As of this update there are only 5 days, 6 hours, until the Carolina Panthers season officially opens! Summer camp has been a little bit of heartburn for me. The loss of Kemoeatu on the opening day of camp was a pretty big hit IMO to the defense. I think the Panthers can adjust, but only time will tell. Then the panic of the possibility of Steve Smith getting injured the other day was a little disconcerting. I am still very excited for the season to begin though. Looking over the schedule and i see that i will be able to see four games this year! @ Dallas on 9/20, hosting Washington on 10/11, hosting Miami on 11/19, and then hosting the Vikings on 12/20. That is the most i have been able to look forward to in many a year. Geaux Panthers! DS1 has pointed out to me that the next expansion for Fallout 3 is scheduled for store release next Tuesday. I checked my play time on the game... a whopping total of sixteen (16) hours! Granted, i've been able to play Blood Bowl a lot more often, but that's only because i am able to play a complete game in BB in less than an hour (usually). I've been having a lot of fun playing Fallout 3 though. My character has been generating some attention though. Some Talon Company Mercenaries have apparently been hired to wipe me out. I had several worship, and a couple of 'contemporary Christian' songs that really helped me over this past week. There is just something about music that moves a person that cannot adequately be explained in my opinion. Music has the ability to sway emotion. It can influence your mood and even your thought patterns. Maybe not every one would agree with me on this one... but it is a powerful force! I will listen to a rock-n-roll type of music when i am working something hi-tempo, when i am feeling meditative i find classical is good for me. While there was never any choice to not be home to be there for my beloved, i am still a little sad that missed the 2-110th deactivation ceremony this past Saturday. What a solemn time. I trained with men that i will never forget. I grew a lot through the Army National Guard and i miss the time i used to serve. But i am also grateful that i have served, and that i am now home one more weekend a month now. My place was at home with my beloved as she recovered, but that doesn't mean i missed being there with those guys either.


Susan said...

Can you believe it's going to be football season again? So glad your wife is doing well. Continuing to pray for you all.


My ADHD Me said...

National Guard? No wonder I like you. You're a hero and I thank you for being there for our country. Without you and the others like you, we would be most definitely lost. (BTW, there's no such thing as a "former" National Guardsman, Marine, Ranger, etc. Once a serviceman....ALWAYS a service man. Again, Thank You!

I don't know much about gaming but my son does and he gets really excited when a game he has been waiting for is finally released.

hope your wife is feeling better. i know she must appreciate the sacrifice you made to miss your reunion.

Take care.