Music Monday - 20090803

Yesterday my beloved and i went and visited yet another church in our search for a new body of believers to fellowship and worship God with. This one was the church we were married in almost seventeen years ago. It's a long story of why we do not currently still go to that church, and it was not one we were considering rejoining only because it is a little further away than we wanted. Still, it is a church that a lot of our old friends still attend, and we are coming up on a period of time where we will not be able to attend services for a couple of weeks. It was nice to feel so welcome and connected. During worship time they sang the song i've chosen for this week's Music Monday offering...
If You Say Go by Diane Thiel, Vineyard Music If You say go, we will go If You say wait, we will wait If You say step out on the water And they say it can't be done We'll fix our eyes on You and we will come Your ways are higher than our ways And the plans that You have laid Are good and true If You call us to the fire You will not withdraw Your hand We'll gaze into the flames and look for You © Mercy/Vineyard Publishing, CCLI 3548640
While the song impressed upon me to get going on writing the letter to Sovereign Grace Ministries about asking them to consider a church plant in our area, my beloved was moved to tears during the song. When i asked her about it a little later she said, "I think we've found our church home". Now - i am NOT opposed to that, it's just not where i was at. My beloved and i have rarely been so "far" apart when it comes to impressions that we feel from God. It has been amazing... over almost seventeen years we have been very close and with just a little bit of prayer we have come to where we were in agreement on whatever it was. As a matter of fact, i can think of only one other time we were so "far" apart. But God has always been faithful and showed us where He was leading us and helped us see it together before we moved forward. So we are going to be entering a season of prayer and discussion as we go through the next couple fo weeks while my beloved recovers from her surgery this Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I am praying for you. Thanks for posting that song... I had never heard it before and it was very encouraging to me. I'm also in a season of not knowing whether to stay or go (literally... stay put or move 9 hours away and start over??)

I pray that God gives you direction, clarity and peace regarding what church to call your home.

Ms. Coffee said...

I am so glad that you and your beloved can pray and connect in this manor! I has to be the most amazing feeling. I can say I seriously have never had that with anyone and I am a bit jealous!

On a much more serious note maybe He is using this for both of you. Maybe you are not as far apart as you think and feel you are.

Could it be that this is your "home" for the current time until SGM puts a plant down in your area?

Maybe He was talking to both of you in different ways for a reason.

Praying it all becomes clear and that your beloved does okay with the surgery.