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This is my second attempt at getting a blog entry done this week. :) Yesterday was spent catching up with e-mail, and being blindsided by an issue that took all day, and the fix was a reset of a routing peer. *sigh* As a result i have not chosen a song for this weeks "Musical Monday", so, let's try this again... Unfortunately i am going to pass on this weeks song. :/ Things are still pretty hectic and it's hard to stay focused. What a football weekend! The Buccaneers did not make it into the playoffs despite the Cowboys giving them an opening. That left it wide open for the Eagles! Although the Vikings won, i am not sure i would get all too excited about the playoffs... the Giants were not playing a lot of their starters... either the Giants have some really good depth, or the Vikings really need to step up their game for a deep post season run. Speaking of which... The Panthers are in as the #2 seed, and i did get my Christmas wish... the NFC South championship for them. \o/ I was especially happy for John Kasay who kicked the game winning, 42 yard field goal with only 0:01 left on the game clock. I was hoping this would happen for him since he missed the 50 yarder in New York the previous week. What i liked even more is how is put it all in perspective, "By God's grace, this one went in". I am happy that the Panthers are in the playoffs (for only the 4th time in fourteen years), but i am also keeping it in perspective... only twelve teams even made it to the post season. Eleven of them are going home without the Lombardy Trophy. In any event, they get a week to rest up and prepare. Hopefully the guys don't make up for lost time at the holiday meal tables before their January 10th, 8:15 EST game. lol One more parting note before i wrap this up for today. This past weekend i was able to take the family, including my in-laws, out to Fallingwater. If you love architecture, or Frank Lloyd Wright, and you can get out to western Pennsylvania, i highly recommend paying a visit to this spectacular home. My sister has study architecture and design, but i have not. Words even fail me when i try and describe it. I absolutely LOVE this house and its design. What made the trip even nicer was that God granted us some spectacular weather and a wonderful tour guide. We took the "basic" tour which was great, even my two youngest loved it! But, someday i hope to take the longer one... even if it's just me and my beloved.

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I've always wondered what kind of impression it makes in real life on the average person. thanks for sharing.