The Christmas "hangover"

Wow it has been a whirlwind of a week. My vacation started last Friday so that my beloved and i could knock out our last minute Christmas shopping. The mission was a success. Sunday night i stayed up, wrapping presents, and watching the Carolina Panthers lose to the New York Giants 28-34. :-/ I do not play the game of football (fantasy does not count), i am not a professional sports writer, and i do not know any of the players on the team personally (or even second hand... i even have my doubts about the six degrees of separation). I am disappointed in the result only as a fan of the Panthers. But as a fan of football that was a good game. With :04 left on the clock i watched as John Kasay lined up for a game winning kick, only to see it get blown wide left. My heart sank for Kasay. As a fan from the very beginning he has been my all time favorite Panther player. I have to tip my hat to the Giants. They had worn the Panther defense down and when it mattered most, they dominated the line of scrimmage. God willing, the rematch next month should be an excellent game. Speaking of John Kasay, my absolute favorite gift that i received for Christmas this year was a replica jersey (pictured above). I had picked up Panthers jersey (#85 Wesley Walls - black) years ago, but this was the one i've wanted for a long time. So much so i'd be willing to part with ol' #85 - if the price is right. ;-) I really need to get that "man cave" started in the basement. I need a place to hang up my Panthers and Army stuff. LOL This week has been a joy. Time at home with the family - including the in-laws, time to relax with my beloved, play games with the kids, just sitting back and enjoying the time with each of them. Alas such things are not meant to last forever - which makes them all the sweeter when they come. Tis back to work for me...


Susan said...

Sounds like all is going well...I love it that you want to get your "man cave" started...it's kind of like me wanting a "pink room" in my house.

Merry Christmas (a little late).


The Founding Father said...
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