Family Movie night

I am not sure what it is but when my family latches on to a movie they (we) love to watch it over, and over, and over, and over... you get the idea. :) It may have started when my DD3 spent a week in the hospital in 2004. (It's a long story, and not one i would like to share here) While she was there she watched Finding Nemo repeatedly. I can understand that. She was in an unfamiliar environment, strange people coming in at all hours to poke and prod. It was something to latch on to. Since then she has not watched it all... again totally understandable. Last year i received the DVD Ratatouille for Christmas (by request). For the next three months that movie was watched at least once a week (often more than that), and is still watched with enjoyment now. Well, last night it was Kung Fu Panda. My DD3 received this as a birthday present last month and i am pretty sure the laser from the DVD player is getting ready to burn through the disk! LOL Now, I really liked Wall-E this summer and have asked for it for Christmas... so, maybe we can let the Panda have a rest.


BigMama said...

I hope you get Wall-E too. That is absolutely one of my favorite movies. I liked Kung Fu Panda more than I thought I would, but I could see getting tired of that one. So far, I haven't been bored by Wall-E.

samurai said...

Well we are getting Wall-E for Christmas... ssh... it's a secret. ;-) I am SOOO looking forward to that one. :-0