Future Imperfect

Well my quest through Fallout 3 continued last night, and while i made it through the Escape! quest i am back tracking a tad to catch myself up. To give you an idea, it has taken me slightly twice as long as i've read around the web on how long it should take to make my escape from Vault 101. While my adventures are not perfect in the thoroughness, or best path, i am deliberately taking my time. Having said that... When this sequence started i was of course staring at my father. Apparently i had tried that "i'm not feeling well, do i really have to go school" excuse that i hear my own real life children try and pull from time to time. I took this opportunity to explore most of the conversation trees as possible. Unfortunately my memory has dimmed as this was a little over a week ago now. Suffice it to say i still went to take the G.O.A.T. :) After my conversation with Dad i wandered out to check on Jonas and his patient. It is obvious that the patient is sick (i don't remember his name), but by the time i went over to talk my interactions were limited. I didn't bother to look around for things to pick up as i knew i was not making for the exit at this time. Why bother grab things that i will only lose later. Once the door was opened to the hallway i overheard the "Tunnel Snakes" giving Amata a hard time. As i approached the confrontation Paul Hannon turned to face me and we had some interaction. Mostly it was unproductive as i wanted to avoid a direct confrontation with all three of the "Snakes". Seeing as i was getting no where with Paul i backed up and maneuvered to talk to Wally Mack. With this guy i managed to tell him that people thought Butch was the real leader of the gang and not him. This resulted in my desired result of the Snakes walking off and not bothering Amata any more without me having to fight them. Amata was grateful, but that was the end of that mini encounter. From there i moved on to take the G.O.A.T. It seemed pretty useless, but i answered the various questions for fun since i already knew which three skills i was going to focus on. In the end my "career" was shown to be Pip-Boy programmer. My recommended skill sets were: Explosives, Repair, & Science. This was actually pretty close to what i wanted. In the end i opted to take Lockpick over Explosives. Further attempts to interact with the other Vault dwellers, even the teacher, were met with only one line reposnses and no conversation options. This ended this quest...

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