And now a word from my Sponsor...

While catching up on blogs I frequent I came across some thought provoking posts over at Pure Church: The first one i would like to reference could be titled, "Would you come to Jesus if it cost you your life?" I have listened to the two video clips of interview between Kirk Cameron and John MacArthur. I have really been struggling with my attitude between my own church, and many churches that are in the "spotlight". 'Seeker friendly' services are such an anchor to the gospel... that is probably not a good description. What a travesty. What a false gospel! Are you willing to give your very life in service to Christ for your soul? Are you willing to deny yourself? The second is this proclamation by Shai Linne. To be perfectly honest i do not normally walk in this "circle"... but this man "gets it", and he is good at telling it like it is. In the past i have posted a personal dislike of Rap music in general, but i could get into this.

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