Day 22 and on the downhill slide

Well, it has been 22 days since i last logged into Facebook via my PC. I still check on friends via my cellphone so that i can keep in touch - but i am not a very good "text typer" so my writing to them is limited. I will not be logging back into Facebook until the 23rd of December. Before i go i want to share a sin of doubt going on in my heart. It is the sin of unbelief - that God is not sufficient. I am in the middle of a transition at work and i am fearful in my heart - even though there is evidence everywhere that His hand has continued to shield me. More to come in the future.


Susan said...

Uh oh...a downhill slide is NOT good! Hoping you're feeling a bit better and seeing God in some REAL tangible ways.

Hey...I wanted to comment on your post up above and didn't see comments. Did you close it to that?


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

We went through a scare last week that caused us to refresh our thinking as one refreshes a page on line. It is in God we have to trust, but details of everyday life do constantly challenge us on that point.

samurai said...

Not sure what was going on there Susan... Is there a way to make it more obvious for commentors to post?