Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

Wow what a game on Monday Night Football last night! Going into it i really only wanted a close game. After the 3-27 drubbing the Bucs laid on the Panthers back in October i was a tad concerned. I just wanted a close game if the Panthers didn't win... and i was NOT disappointed. Through 3 quarters of play that game was always within 7 points. With 15:00 left to play it was tied up at 17-17. And then the previous 45 mins of play showed its toll on the Bucs defense and that 90 yard, 4 rushing play, drive was just awesome! 299 total rushing yards... 301 from both Running Backs. A 100 yard receiver... and most importantly for a Panthers fan... a win on Monday Night Football! Some highlights for me where... Steve Smith's sideline catch where he jumps up in the air, turns, catches the ball, continues turning, and gets both feet down in bounds - what a catch. Any time John Kasay put it through the uprights. Jonathon Stewart's hand print being planted into Ronde barber's chest and then shoving him to the ground. All four rushing touchdowns - against a defense that had allowed only one all year before last night. And the final play where Jake Delhomme took a knee. I want to give props to Antonio Bryant. What a game he had. Several really nice catches for long gains, two TD's - one of which was an incredible diving one handed grab! A very talented athlete. Steve Smith had another good game. I especially appreciate hearing him handle the press at the end of the game. He commented that the season is not over. He mentioned how much he likes being a blocker for DeAngelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart. He gave props to Muhsin Muhammad. It is important to note: The Panthers have NOT locked up anything yet. They do have a one game lead for the NFC South title, but there are three very hungry opponents left to play. The Denver Broncos come into Charlotte next Sunday and need to lock up the AFC West. Then the Panthers travel to NY to face off against the NY Giants and it is very possible that #1 seeding could be at stake for the NFC playoff picture. Then, to round it all out the Cats travel to New Orleans to finish out the regular season. And the Saints don't sit idle against the Panthers when they have a shot at playing spoiler to anything, and Drew Brees is having an incredible season. I like what Steve Smith said to the question, "How does it feel to be 10-3 and in control of the NFC South". He said, "It just means that we have to get ready for our next game". One game at a time focus. Don't listen to the ESPN hype. It was only one game. There are a few more to play, and God willing more will be tacked on to the end. A parting comment for today... i really liked the new Army "enforcer" uniforms unvielled at the Army navy game this weekend. I know that the navy has won the last 7 games, and they totally embarresed Army in the 0-34 shutout, but i really liked them uniforms at least.

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