Sudoku puzzles

Ok, this is turning into just ramblings, but here it goes anyway. I have become obsessed with Sudoku puzzles. My wife bought me a book on them, and ways to help solve them and I've almost already read the whole book - in less than 24 hours! If you have never tried them check out the link I put up on the right. Thanks to Amy. She showed me how to post links to areas of interest of mine and I went crazy! If anyone can help me learn how to post pictures... please let me know. Ok, about this Sunday's game... I've decided to wager a team flag on the game. It's sort of been our tradition since we became friends back in 2002. I've won a sweatshirt from him, and he's won a knit cap from me (hey, it was reversable ;~) ). But I think that no matter what, I am going to buy the flag for him. I just want to bless him since he is not a Christian.


BigMama said...

You know, mentioning those sudoku puzzle's has made me absolutely worthless as a mom and wife, right??? ;)

Enjoy the blog and if you need help with pics, let me know. Be blessed!


samurai said...

Tell me about it. My wife bought me a small book full of these puzzles, but I have yet to see it! :D