Carolina Panthers 23 - New York Giants 0

Man did that win make me feel good as a fan. I was not able to sit and watch the game as we had some friends and their children over for dinner after church yesterday, but I was able to catch tidbits. Besides, I recorded it to VHS for my personall viewing pleasure later. Now they go to Chicago next Sunday. Chicago manhandled the Panthers in their regular season meeting 3-13 in which Delhomme was intercepted twice (resulting in 10 points), and the Bears defense sacked him 8 (!) times. Oh, I'll still watch the game (but probably have to cut it short for Awana's) because the Panthers are my team. Not much else to report for today. I woke up too early, dehydrated, massive headache, upset stomach. This is to soon to get into the why's and wherefores. But anyway... if anyone reads it. Thanks... but it's more for me anyway. ;~)

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ALP said...

I hope you continue posting on here with what is going on. Sometimes the best thing I do for myself is get my feelings out on my spot! Praying!