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The past week has been pretty crazy and i've not blogged very often. I've had things i thought would be interesting to post about, but i just never got around to getting them down. Recently Facebook has 'exploded' with Notes being passed around... 25 random thoughts, 40 questions, etc. I like doing those lists from time to time (eventually i run out of things to say), but what i like more are reading them about my friends there. Unfortunately, along that vein i am doing such a thing here - but without tagging anyone. I merged a couple of them i did on Facebook, but also added a couple until i ran out of time/ideas. I am taking a long weekend, and tomorrow will be my beloved's and my Valentine's day, so i hope you all have a great, and blessed weekend. Oh, and these are in no particular order... 1. I would love if my wife would join Facebook - i need to share that insanity with her ;-) 2. I have trouble studying by just reading (either on-line, or hard copy)... i really need to interface with instructors to grab it... but when i do i tend to retain it 3. I have been recently diagnosed with adult ADD, but i am still reluctant to admit it - and my beloved believes that i also have Aspergers, i've just been able to adapt very well 4. I recently let my only Cisco certification laps (see #2 above)... 5. I want to work my way up to earn both a CCNP and/or CCDP 6. I have a deep appreciation for both architecture, watches, and clocks - and i can't explain why, or very much about any of them 7. I loved every year i served in the Army National Guard (22 years worth) and wish i was young enough to go back and get even more out of it 8. I have a handful of good friends, but do not know them as well as i would like 9. I prefer the post-apocalyptic genre in movies, books, and games 10. I once had a desire to go into ministry 11. I used to play a medieval battle re-enactment game back in high school known as Dagorhir, and i loved it 12. I enjoy 'silly/predictable' movies (i.e. Mr Baseball, The Princess Diaries, Overboard, etc.) 13. My preferred music type is instrumental celtic folk 14. I wish i had taken the time to learn an instrument, and a foreign language, when i was younger 15. I am deeply in love with my wife 16. The first thing i notice about people is their handshake. I hate to admit it but it's a conscious effort to look people in the eyes, so i notice the tone of their voice and grip first. 17. I met my wife by being set up on a blind date with one of her roommates in college. We spent an entire football game talking about the Sovereignty of God, i didn't catch one play of the game, and don't regret it for a second. 18. I think the greatest sounds on Earth are Thunderstorms and babies laughing. 19. I will not kiss anyone on the mouth except for my wife, and i feel uncomfortable hugging anyone except my family. 20. My favorite smell in all of the world is the smell of my beloved's hair after she's been out side for any length of time. 21. Someone recently asked me if i missed another. Since then i've come to realize that i rarely miss people. I miss the fellowship with people, i miss the communication, i miss the comradery ... but it is rarely i miss an individual. But there have been a handful of times when i have indeed missed my mother (she passed away in December 2000), and my beloved when i was away doing stuff for the National Guard 22. I am a fan of the Carolina Panthers having never lived in that region of the country. 23. I try and use sarcasm, but to be honest... i do not know how to use it very well, nor do i really get it very often. Some of the most "intense moments of fellowship" with my beloved have happened because of sarcasm. 24. I hate to write things. At least with a pen and paper. If i want to take a note i'd much rather have a keyboard and time to type it up and print it out. 25. There are times when i wish i could win/inherit/find a million dollars. Not because i want to run off and buy a mansion, or something like that. I want to set up "self sustaining giving accounts". Accounts that would grow roughly at the rate of inflation, and yet still have enough to give every year to various charities and friends in need. Oh, i'd use some of it. I am not as selfless as this concept would insinuate... ;-) If God ever allowed such a thing i hope to be found true to it. 26. I was able to donate over $100 to Habitat for Humanity last year by raising money with my little candy store. 27. I collect small ceramic/porcelain (and sometimes plastic) country churches. You know, David Winter, Dept. 56, that kind of thing. Just the churches, not all the rest. And those can be sort of hard to find, and usually too expensive. :-) 28. I have an interest in the samurai of feudal Japan, especially those who converted to Christianity, and were subsequently severely persecuted under the Shogunate in the 1600's. There were a lot of atrocities performed - by both sides. 29. My beloved and i sit on opposite sides of the table when we go out to eat on dates. It's not because we don't want to sit next to each other, but because we want to look at each other. 30. My all time favorite player on the Carolina Panthers is their kicker, John Kasay. I like players like Steve Smith, Jon Beason, and Jake Delhomme, but Kasay is the last original Panther, and a devoted Christian. 31. Of all the awards i received during my National Guard career, i am most proud of receiving the Honorable Order of St Barbara. This award is not given lightly, and is not granted to everyone. I have received recognition from post commanders, quite a few state service ribbons, i have even earned the Humanitarian Service Medal (a very close second), but this one is the most special in my heart. Just ahead of the Guideon my unit gave me at my retirement (a close third... what can i say, it was a tight race). 32. I reserve the right to edit this post throughout the rest of today and this weekend. :-) And just because a friend from Facebook posted it, and it is pretty interesting... history of the internet

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Susan said...

Great list! I have to say that the boys just asked me about how "Dad and you sit at restaurants" when we were out to eat last week. They noticed a couple sitting next to each other with no one else in the booth. It bothered them. I told them the same thing you said...we like to look at each other.

I hope you all have a great Valentines celebration.