Music Monday defered

I am up to my eyeballs in an issue that i've been working on since last Wednesday so i will not be posting a song for today. :-( Just a few bullet comments... * What a Super Bowl last night! An awesome game right up to the end. Goal line stands, interceptions returned for touchdowns, clutch catches for touchdowns...! Wow. Congratulations to the Super Bowl champions - the Pittsburgh Steelers! #6 is still just as sweet. * I do feel bad for Kurt Warner. He is a man of God who is an example for many on how to be in the spotlight. May God ease the disappointment for him. Thank you for a great game Kurt. * I have heard that it is possible that Jerry "Big Cat" Richardson - may have received a heart transplant over night last night. If so, that is good news for the Panthers... assuming all has gone well. * Things seem to be heating up at my church. I will not go into details, but at least things seem to be moving in the right direction. Please pray for humility, restoration, and reconciliation. * My family and i are in desperate need of a break. We have things on the calender every weekend until March... and most school nights too. This cannot be healthy. Friday night was open, so i "X-ed" it out. I will be taking my beloved on a date... it may be my only chance this month. * I am SO grateful to have a job AND a boss who gives comp time to salaried employees! \o/

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