Rambling Monday

The past week or so has flashed by so quick that i can scarcely remember what day of the week it is. I know it's Monday and all, but it feels more like a late Thursday or even a Friday. My family and i took a mini-vacation this past weekend. We ran up to Lancaster, PA for Friday night and Saturday, then we headed up to Derry Township (more commonly known as Hershey). It was nice to get away, but as everyone knows, such trips are not very restful. DS1 was also particularly ornery this weekend as he seemed to want to see how far he can toe up to the line of his boundaries. We love Hershey Park, Derry Township, Chocolate World, the Lodge, etc. For me it has more to do with the admiration of Milton S. Hershey than anything else. Here is an original philanthropist. Shortly after his wife (Catherine, aka "Kitty") passed away in 1915 Mr. Hershey signed away his entire stake in the company he worked so hard to build not two decades after he started it - over $60 million dollars to the Hershey Trust Foundation to make sure that his legacy would be to entrust the future of his and his wife's School for boys (girls were later admitted and are now 50% of the students). I do not think i could do this man justice in trying to describe all that he did for others, but i would highly encourage anyone who happens to read these few words to pick up a copy of his biography. While away i had a couple of ideas for the next set of short stories i would like to write. One is a continuation of the series i've started and posted over on my short stories 'blog', so i hope to have some more updates for there (my first in late April of last year), and the other is a sort of prelude to the book i'd like to write. In actuality they will be the same story, but told from different points of view. When we got home yesterday afternoon i rushed to unpack the car and whipped out my laptop to jot down the notes. But life has different ideas, LOL. I had to run to the store for much needed groceries, there was homework to get done, i had to buy new printer cartridges, etc. I also got side tracked with various notes for the main charecter of the story - who is one of the points of view for one of the short stories - so i never did actually get around to starting either of them. *sigh* But i am excited to have some ideas for more material. Is it normal for a writer, who will probably never be publlished, to get so excited about story ideas or storylines - or even just ideas for various characters? I think it is, but since i work in sort of a vacuum i was curious. I had a song all lined up for today, for my "Music Monday" series, but it turns out i've already used it, so i will have to pass for this week. Sorry,i didn't havea backup in the wings. :-)

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You're very blessed to even have creative ideas. I cannot fathom doing fiction. And yes, I enjoyed the philanthropic history of Hershey, too. Another reason to eat that brand of chocolate.