Happy Friday the 13th, and Valentine's Day!

Happy Friday the 13th
Personally i am not superstitious. When i was a kid i would drive my mother nuts! I would go out of my way to walk under ladders, i would pick up pennies no matter which side was up, i would walk on the other side of posts/poles/etc. from her. I would befriend any black animal i came across, especially black cats (hmm... a thought just came to mind... maybe that's why i am a Carolina Panthers fan). My mom would just plain freak out. I'm not sure if it had to do with the fact i was born in the month of October, but that stuff just doesn't bother me. I have silly habits that i like to do, but i know they ultimately do not affect the things of the universe. Some call religion in general, to include Christianity, a superstition. To be honest, i don't have a well thought out rebuttal to such a statement. I guess that makes me 'superstitious' after all... at least according to such a definition. And if all it takes is to be identified as a Christian for such a 'label', then i shall wear it proudly. A genre of movies often closely associated with superstitions (using the broad definition of black cats, etc) are Horror movies. When i was younger i watched NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and the NIGHTMARE and FRIDAY, movies. I don't think i ever understood what attracted me to them. But i do know that i will never watch the movie BIRDS ever, ever again! Since then i've grown out of it. It evens bothers me as it draws close to my birthday. Most of the movie advertising is for horror movies to coincide with the upcoming 'holiday' (Halloween), and now i am seeing it more and more around Valentine's Day. :/ *sigh* Horror movies are also closely related to my favorite genre - Sci-Fi. I enjoy the Sci-Fi channel, but there are seassons where i just avoid that channel all together. Speaking of which... Tonight season 2 continues for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I like this series a lot. The story line is stretched because of the writers really trying to pursue too many story arcs (IMO), but i like how the charecters are drawn together. I'm having a hard time with Riley character, but i've liked how she's turned John's head a little. You feel for the guy. He's lived a pretty messed up adventure of a life, and she has helped him feel just a little bit normal. Tonight's episode is supposed to be pretty good, some plot twists. You will get to see more of the terminator side of Catherine Weaver (played by Shirley Manson, who belted out a great rendition of the old-time gospel song, Sampson and Delilah - written by Rev. Gary Davis). I have been following the Terminator blog and there have been some nice tidbits of information coming out by Fox, and i am particularly liking how the fan base is rallying around the show. Critics haven't been sold/convinced, but i am enjoying it very much so far. This show, and of course Terminator Salvation (4), coming out in May - which i guess can be construed as part Sci-Fi and part Horror. For my money though, my favorite charecter of the show is James Ellison. I like this guy because he is a man of faith. A man who has seen some incredible things, things that are pretty hard to swallow. And he has an on-going dialog within himself to reconcile the things he knows from scripture, and the things he sees in his "new found" world of reality. It gives me the creeps seeing him so close to the clandestine terminator (Catherine Weaver), but only because he is so close to danger and he has no idea, but what an interesting plot line of him teaching "John Henry" (aka Cromartie)! The A.I. that Catherine has brought under her protection was at one time exhibiting the characteristics of a child. It shall be interesting to see how the verse "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6, ESV) will play out, and more importantly, how it will affect James. I think one of the things that really draws me into the show is how the writers incorporate Christian concepts and themes within the show. Several of the 'theme songs' have been gospel-like (Sampson and Delilah, and When the Man Comes Around, come quickly to mind), and there have been several story-line 'connections' if you will. That does not make the show Christian, and i am not real sure if any of the writing team are Christian, but it does bring Christian concepts up... and that can cause one to think. And when one thinks about the things of God - this is a good thing. Often my prayer is that when such things come up, that God would move in the hearts to whom He has brought such things to the fore. Ok, well... i've rambled on long enough. Although i do not have any plans for my beloved and me for Valentine's Day - i hope you all have a blessed romantic time with your own beloveds. May God draw each of you closer to Him, and as a result, closer to each other.


Susan said...

I have never been able to watch horror movies...ever. And sci-fi is not my favorite either, but my DH likes them. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I actually wondered why so many horror movies are on TV over Valentine's Day. I saw that The Birds was on, but I only watched part of it, so I'm not sure what that movie is all about besides birds attacking.