Music Monday - 20090216

It seems of late that i am wandering around, spiritually speaking. Like i do not really have a direction or a purpose. Over the weekend, while finishing my taxes for 2008 and painting my DS1's room, i figured out how to hook up a set of old P/C speakers to my MP3 player. (Ok, it was not that hard, but i remembered out i had all the things i needed to do such a thing - now i just need to find a spare monitor cable to hook up my laptop to our new flat screen TV... i just have to see what Fallout 3 looks like on such a monster of a screen!) In the past i had "dumped all of the CD's i've ever owned onto my laptop (it is never knowingly connected to the internet, and thus my MP3 player), one of which is a copy of the two Russ Taff CD's... Medals, and The Way Home. The song i am choosing for this week was one of the tracks that came up during the "random shuffle". It kind of summed up what i have been feeling spiritually of late. It's hard to put into words, but when it feels like you might need to "move on" but haven't really heard that is what God wants you to do. When it feels like that if you bring up any concerns you are considered a trouble maker, or a tool of the enemy to cause division. If you bring such things up to leadership you are told, "if that's the way you feel..."... kind of the impression, don't let the door hit you on your way out... and yet you know that unless the Lord leads... you should not move. "Be still and know that I am God" (Proverbs 46:10) comes to mind, but it's not the exact context i thought it was... but still a good verse to meditate on within the context... anyway, the song i felt like sharing this week is:
I need You by Russ Taff There's a candle in the dark Through tears I watch the flame There's a voice deep inside my heart And it's calling out Your name And I need You I need You There's a danger in the dark But I live by Your light I know I'm somewhere near the edge Cause I feel the cold tonight And I need You I need You Winter wind blows could outside Storm warnings in the night I'm sitting in my lonely room Just staring at the only light And I need you There's a candle in the dark And a shadow on my wall I watch the flame and not the edge I watch the light and not the fall I need You I need You to guide my step I need You to get me by I need the light that's in Your love I need that fire in Your eye
I tried to find a video, but was unsuccessful...

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