Oh what a night

Well, it was not all that great. Yesterday i forgot to take my start-up dose of Strattera in the morning, got to work before i remembered, got home and forgot again, began my bedtime routine and remembered. Well, a lot of Rx have you take the next does as soon as you remember and are able. Well, as i groggily got into bed and was watching a little of the Australian Open. Well, as the match between Serena Williams and Svetlana Kuznetsova moved from the 1st set into the 2nd i gradually became more awake. In the end my beloved fell asleep and i fell awake. I struggled to allow my tired body to relax enough - the body was tired, but the mind was not. To make a long story short... i fell asleep around 0345 this morning... only to have to awake at 0515 for a morning conference call that i had to cover for my boss. I am 'hurtin' right now. My eyes hurt.

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BigMama said...

I know that it took Jason a while to get used to taking his meds regularly and he had some really wonky sleep for a while! Praying that the habit happens quickly for you!