Not so Musical Monday - 20090126

What a week, weekend, and Monday. I have been unable to shake a cold for over ten days now. In the overall scheme of things this is a minor inconvenience, and i feel like a whiner even mentioning it. My beloved has been suffering with (so far) unexplained severe headaches - so far NOT classified as migraines - for almost eighteen months. She will be seeing an allergist on Wednesday, but we've been 'warned' that we may need to remove the carpeting from our bedroom - possibly the entire house. But to add some pressure from the world, this morning my employer announced that there will be no raises again this year. This will make two years in a row my base salary has remained stagnant. Again, i am acting like a whiny little kid. I am employed, and assuming i am picked up by the incoming vendor, i will remain employed until at least 2018. This is so much more than many others in this time of recession. This is a time i need to really start preaching to myself, and stop listening to myself. God's grace and mercy is abundant in my life and all i am focusing on is the negatives.
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less written by Edward Mote (1834) music by William B. Bradbury (1863) My hope is built on nothing less Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness I dare not trust the sweetest frame But wholly lean on Jesus’ name On Christ the solid Rock I stand All other ground is sinking sand All other ground is sinking sand When darkness hides His lovely face I rest on His unchanging grace In every high and stormy gale My anchor holds within the veil His oath, His covenant, His blood Support me in the whelming flood When all around my soul gives way He then is all my hope and stay When He shall come with trumpet sound Oh may I then in Him be found Dressed in His righteousness alone Faultless to stand before the throne
What more can one truly wish for?


Ms. Coffee said...

My gosh you are so whiny! LOL

We all have our time to whine. We all have our time when we need to do more listening to what is preached than just doing whatever.

We all have times when we need to whine though.

I don't think this is really whining - there is only so much one can take and we all need to vent!

samurai said...

Thanks Ms. Coffee :-)