What a bummer of an off season for the Carolina Panthers

First it was made public that Julius Peppers is not interested in signing a long term contract with the Panthers. :( The man grew up in the Carolinas! Still, i can understand - a little - he wants to move to a defensive scheme that he can better demonstrate his athleticism. He's not getting any younger, and i think he realizes he has an outside shot at the Hall of Fame. Then most of the defensive staff has left for "greener" pastures. I think this was on the wall. You could tell the defense was waning the last quarter of the season. Some of that is the players on the field... but some also comes from the staff caring enough to figure things out and make adjustments and keep the players motivated. I am NOT blaming the collapse in the playoffs on the Defense. This is a team game, and the offense was the ones who made all six of those turnovers. Since then the Panthers have gone out and hired Ron Meeks. I know he was the Colts D-coordinator when they made the Super Bowl and all... but the Colts defense has never been... well, agressive. I'd like to see a Steelers or Ravens like defense in there. Maybe sign Peppers to a one year deal, ask him to put forth a good effort, but then put him out there to do his thing! I mean... when his first couple of years with the Panthers he was a monster! He is a monster! He needs to be let loose more! Only time will tell...

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