Football and/or Fallout Fridays

This Sundays game against the Detroit Lions is a dangerous game for the Panthers in my opinion. Last week was an amazingly bad game for the offense, but the defense and special teams played well enough to salvage the win. The Lions have nothing to lose. They are already 0-9 and although they are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, hell has a better chance of freezing over (in my mind). The Lions are playing to salvage their pride right now, the Panthers have (in the past) a tendency to get over confident. And that is not good with both the Buccaneers and the Falcons breathing down their necks (both are are 6-3). Even still, the Saints are really not all that far behind at 4-5. With seven games still left to be played... and four of the last six being on the road... the Panthers have an uphill climb to the post season. I found the laptop that i wanted, for the price i wanted to pay. The only 'downside' was that it had slightly less RAM than i wanted (2GB vs 4GB), but i can upgrade that later if i so desire. Again, i know that i am not going to be able to play this game more than a handful of hours per month... but everything i am seeing in the reviews and on You Tube makes me excited about getting to play it in the future. One thing i was a little disappointed with was the "Making Of" DVD. I was hoping that it was a little more on how games were made so that DS1 would have a chance to get an idea as he wants to be a game designer in the future. Overall the laptop is not just for Fallout 3. I want to use it to write my short stories on, to use as a portable DVD player for vacations, and to generally keep track of things that i can seclude from the kids. When you are not in complete control of a system you cannot always maintain a secure and uncorrupted set of files (backup, backup, backup!). Any way, i feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Before i go i wanted to answer the call from a fellow blogger and answer a bunch of questions for fun: What is your writing process? --- I used to just start at the beginning and just type and type until i was finished. Now i am more apt to write an impromptu outline and use that to guide my stories. But when it comes to my blog it is still start and write until done. What are your greatest creative inspirations? --- That depends on what i am writing about. Since most of my short stories are set in a fictitious game world (Necromunda) the game itself, several books written in that setting, and many movies from the post-apocalyptic genre: The Road Warrior, The Postman, etc., and now Fallout 3. What are your greatest creative barriers? --- Time is the biggest one. Right now my priorities are my family. My oldest is a pre-teen (soon to be an actual teen), my #2 is a "Special Needs" 'Aspie', and my daughter is still wanting to spend time with her parents (she's six). All of that, plus my actually wanting to spend time with my beloved wife and maybe even get some projects done around that house (such as a deck ;-) ). what is your favorite word? --- asamatteroffact - ok, technically that is a jumble of words, but my beloved tells me that i say it all the time. What is your least favorite word? --- I'm not really sure... a lot of that depends on the situation. What sound or noise do you love? --- I love instrumental types of music. From classical to fusion to jazz. For me words get in the way of my enjoyment of music. What sound or noise do you hate? --- The slurp of the straw hitting the bottom of a glass of whatever i am drinking at the time. Usually ice tea. I could skip meals if i have enough ice tea to drink and granola bars to snack on. What is your favorite curse word? --- Hmm, such things are distasteful to me... however, to be completely honest... i am not a rock. I do use the foul language from time to time... but it is nothing that i am proud of, nor will i share what my most commonly used word is... :( A song/band/type of music you'd risk wreck & injury to turn off when it comes on the radio? --- Rap music for the most part. Mostly becuase a lot of it is foul mouthed and disparaging towards women and authority. Best show on television? --- Hmm, for me it is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but The Unit is a very close second. But now that i think about it... if there is an NFL game on any channel everything else will take second place if i am controlling the remote at the time. Favorite movie? --- This is a tough one... i have way too many... but if i had to pick one above all the rest it would be The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I mean come on, they are really just one long story. Favorite room in your house? --- If you asked my beloved she would say the bathroom, but it is actually our bedroom. I watch my favorite movies in there, it's where i am the most creative, it is where i keep my trinkets. Best concert? --- I've only ever been to four concerts in my entire life. Mostly they are way too loud for me. I think i would like to go to a symphony some time. Brass or strings? --- Depends on my mood. Generally i prefer brass (flutes, piccolos, etc.) but i also really enjoy the harpsichord and violin from time to time as well. If you could have anything put on a t-shirt what would it be? --- Wow... um... that is way too open of a question. The best part about being your age? --- I like the amount of life i have experienced so far and knowing that, God willing, i still have so much more to come. Favorite Girl Scout cookie? --- Trefoils, hands down. I love shortbread cookies! Poker or gin or bridge? --- Poker because i like the gambling aspect of it. How confident are you that you have the best hand? There is a reason i don't frequent areas where it is legal though. Shower or bath? --- Shower for the every day, but when you are bone tired there is something to be said about a good 100+ degree soak. Favorite pajamas? --- Pajamas? What's that? Nightmare job? --- I'm not sure but i am confident that it would be in the restaurant industry. Long hours during the times i would like to be home, inconsistent pay, and having to deal with rude customers. A talent you wish you had? --- I wish i could play a musical instrument. Dream vacation? --- I would like to be able to go to a historical place with just me and my beloved. I would like to be able to leisurely stroll and sight see. Be able to stop and read plaques and take small tours. I love my kids and really enjoy going places with them, but i am usually more frazzled when we are done than rested. What's on your nightstand? --- Alarm clock, notebook, CCNP study guide, basket to hold remotes, a book light and a coaster. I could really use a lamp. 3 weird things about you: --- Weird is a relative term, but i will try and think what might be weird to other people. 1) I have an a fascination for post-apocalyptic genre. I like books, movies, games, etc. I doubt i would personally survive such a situation though. 2) I enjoy things like finite math. I am often recalculating drive times, gas mileage, etc. on long drives with the family or alone. 3) I compare myself to the samurai of old. Not so much as a true samurai as the world pictures them, but one who is dedicated to my Lord, Savior, and God - Jesus Christ. He is my Lord, i owe everything to Him and am nothing that He hasn't given or guided.

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if you've never been to a symphony, you should go sometime! you'd love it!! :)