And a new season begins

The United States of America has elected a new President, and more of a shift within both the House of Representatives and the Senate. I liked what i heard in Senator McCain's concession speech - but i need to be honest - i fell asleep before President elect Barrack Obama acceptance speech... :( There are reasons that i am not in public office. 1) I do not have any real idea how to deal with the issues that trouble our land, and 2) I do not really know anyone who knows how to deal with them either. I voted based on my moral choices, and those who i felt best represented what i feel God would be most glorified through. In the end the man who sits on the hill and in the office will get my support. I may not agree with everything, and i am allowed to disagree vocally, but they are still my leaders. I don't know what motivated others to vote, but when the vote is based off of skin color - either way - it is a racist vote. If a person voted because of their pocket book then it was based off an idol (IMO). When need to seek first the kingdom of God first.

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