Foggy bottom and long weekends

I just had one of my more productive weekends. I managed to get all but one end of one joist secured down for my deck project. Once i drive those last few nails i will be able to contact the county and get the final inspection scheduled! \o/ The Panthers got they tailed chopped off and handed to them in Atlanta yesterday. 45-28 - ouch. Well, i had refused to get my hopes up until i saw how the team performed over this stretch, and i think i may have my answer - unfortunately. Maybe they will get their act together and turn perform much better over the next five weeks, but i am going to remain skeptical. I am still hopeful for an NFC South championship, but it is now a long shot IMO. I spent a couple of hours in a bowling alley for my DD's birthday party. If you ever think a child's party is loud... try and do one at a bowling alley! :) A good time was had by all though. Late last week i was approached about how i see my service to Christ in the terms of considering myself a "samurai" in service to Christ. The questions are pretty good ones and i hope to share them in a future post sometime soon.

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