In the market for a laptop

Buying a computer is both mind numbing and frustrating. It is mind numbing when you are looking for not just a certain amount of RAM, but a certain chip set. The processor just HAS to be Duo 2 with 2.0+ GHz, and of course 3GB of RAM, and then the video chip set HAS to be... you get the idea. Well, i have been biding my time in my search... a few times i have seen the system in the configuration i would like, only to see the cost about $100 more than my budget can bear. More than one friend has told me to just wait... the Christmas season is not looking good and there should be a good deal on the horizon. I struggle with impulse control... LOL. I want to buy the computer now... but i know that i need to wait, to be patient. I have this same issue whenever i try and deny myself anything... soda pop, whatever. *sigh* I get so fed up with myself...

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