Ok, I have no idea if any of the small handful of readers that come by here will think, but I feel compelled to share something I dreamed. Not once, but three times. It changed on the last one, but it goes something like this...

I am at my home (I think) with what I think is my family. There are five other 'ghost' like people. They are real, it's just that there is little to no interaction with them, and I do not remember seeing their faces. One, though, is my "Father" (I refer to him as a father-like figure throughout all three dreams).

There is some kind of underlying tension in the 'air' if you will. In the dreams I remember being exposed to some form of radioactive toxin that required a shot to counter act. Here is where the dreams differ from first through third. In the first two I remember getting the antidote later on, but in the third dream it was practically right away.

There was also some kind of invasion taking place. I know I was trying to get my family to some kind of shelter. In the first two we 'engaged' the 'enemy' practically on our doorstep. In the third dream we had to travel and we never had to 'fight', the 'enemy was 'shot' by policemen who had set up a security check point (that we did not have to go through).

In all three dreams we made it to the door of the 'bunker', and I woke up.

I am nervous that I am not writing this down correctly, but it is to the best of my memory at this point. I've had other prophetic-like dreams before (one concerning the mobilization of my National Guard unit), and these 'feels' just like that. I just have no idea what to think about it. This morning I made myself stay awake to remember and jot down some notes - at least concerning the last one. I am going to try and keep turning this over in my mind. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's something. Who knows.
Verse for today:
Genesis 41 : 32, ESV
And the doubling of Pharaoh's dream means that the thing is fixed by God, and God will shortly bring it about.


Susan said...

I hope you find out the "why" of these dreams. I know it's difficult when you have something stirring you up.


Anonymous said...

That is so WEIRD! Have you been writing anything that disturbed you? I agree that the repetitive nature definitely should give you reason to stop and consider...
Very unsettling.