Friday ramblings

Up until very recently i had been ramping up for some writing, but it seems to have derailed once again.  One thing i did manage to accomplish was to consolidate a lot of my resource materials.  Hopefully they will still be together should i begin once again.  Well, writing as opposed to blogging.

One thing i recently learned about blogging, and i have come to love, is the schedule posting option.  I often will have two or more blog entries in various forms of editing, thinking, etc.  For example, while posting to my "The Way of Walking with Christ" series i would have anywhere from three to six posts pending.  And yet i still have editing issues... LOL.  It has helped me when life intercedes and takes up my blogging time... which has been a lot lately.  In any event, the scheduling feature is very nice.

I was recently home with PIRATE, my DS2, and he of course had some course work for school to complete.  He was a trooper and plowed through it.  As a form of encouragement i asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate.  He took a little while to think about it and asked me to play a round of Mario Party 8.  What a joy that he asked me to play with him.  Unfortunately i squandered away some of the time and did not get to finish the game with him.  8(  I really hate myself for that.  I am hoping to play with him again this weekend, and this time for a complete game.
Wind unheeded
Waves crashing on the shoreline
Even rock yields to time 
Have you ever felt like it would be better to go ahead and just get struck by lightning, or broadsided by a train at a failed crossing?  It has been sometime since i felt confident in most anything.  TULIP has brought this to my attention before as well.  Part of my depression i guess.  Lately it has felt like anything i have touched has turned to manure.  Some day this will all be over, and that day will not be of my choosing... but there are times... when i wish it were sooner rather than later.  When it does finally come... i will probably be ungrateful and wish for more time.  As they say, be careful what you wish for.  You just might get it.

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Susan said...

Some good reflections and questions. I pray that 2011 brings you some answers and time to write again. I love the schedule feature on blogger. :-) Susan