Friday Ramblin' Wrap Up

Thanks to Linda over at the 2nd Cup of Coffee blog (and home of the wonderful "Random Dozen" meme on Wednesdays), i have learned how to schedule the posting of my blog at the exact time of day i want.  Really cool.  It's a small thing really, kind of embarrisingly easy now that i know how.  Yet another reason to call into question my geekhood.

As i made my rounds around my "Virtual Village" (thanks Alise for that visual, and thank your friend for me too please) today i came back to the Sovereign Grace Ministries blog where they have six more recommended books on the Gospel.  My pile of books on my night stand usually continues to move in only one direction... up.  But, lately, i have been making more of an effort to actually continue on and not start any new books before i finish the four others i have bookmarks in.  However, i am pretty sure the next time i find an excuse to order more books from Amazon.com i am going to have two more books on their way to add to the pile.  The first one is, What is the Gospel (9 Marks) by Greg Gilbert.  I too, hope that this will be a book i devore and then give it away.  The seond one is, It is Well: Exposition on Subsitutionary Atonement (IX Marks) by Mark Dever and Michael Lawrence.  This book addresses a concern near and dear to my heart in regards to the preaching of the gospel in many churches across the United States.  I feel we have drifted from the preaching of the gospel, that sin is a real issue and that Christ is the answer to that sin.  Instead the topic of sin, and man's sinfulness, it has become politically correct for fear of actually saying things like homosexuality is a sin, that lying is a sin, etc.  I have my own sins... i deal with anger issues, pride issues, covetousness.  Just because i am not a homosexual does not mean i am any less guilty before God and his Holiness.  And the cross is the answer to the sin of the homosexual, the murderour, the thief, the idolator, the adulterer. and for me.  Just like the ACLU does not want the Bible and the Ten Commandments on any public (i.e. government) property, politcs has no place in the Church of God.  And before anyone says, "you are judging!", no i am not.  God is showing us His rigtheousness in His Word, and not just other people's sins ~ my own as well.  The cross is more than the condemnation of sin, it also shows the mercy of God too.  It shows that the penalty has been paid for in full, if we but believe and accept the gift of His substitutionary death.

Ok... enough of the soapbox.  In regards to Amazon.com, i realized this morning that i have nineteen items in my Cart in a waiting status.  I have been a really good boy about not ordering things from there... but... i...don't...think...i...can...hold...out...much...longer. 8)  Especially because TULIP told me about a hand household chore organizor that would help me immensly in keeping 5 children gainfully employed over the summer so my beloved does not have to do it all herself.  Besides, she admits that she is not a very good organizer. 8)  The name of the organizer is Melissa & Doug's Magnetic Responsibility Chart and is already in my shopping cart, just waiting for me to pull the trigger. 8)  Which leads me to other items in that shopping cart... The Book of Eli on DVD.  I am a little disappointed that not all of the bonus features are not in this set for the basic DVD.  Nope, they are putting them all on the Blu-ray version instead.  I am sure this is a marketing decision, and not just to sell this movie, but to push the technology forward.  I guess that means my feet dragging about upgrading my DVD experience is going to have to begin sooner than i would prefer.  I am glad they are not pushing Max Headroom on Blu-ray... otherwise i'd be out comparison shopping (on the web of course) for a Blu-ray player and hi-def TV.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if regular DVD's work on the blu ray players?

Now you have me thinking- way to go!

hillsideslide said...

Hi there,

Alise's friend says, You're welcome! Great to see the "Virtual Village" is catching on.

And, happy to have connected a bit with you.

We touched on the "You are judging!" thing in Sunday School this week.

It was a great talk.... too bad it was IRL and not VV... would have loved to have you there!

The gist was that, even as individual Christians, we've "flip-flopped" @ one point or another on issues and the understanding of what may or may not be a sin.

Paul touched on this in 1 Cor 8. Xians had differing understandings and consciences about eating the meat sacrificed to idols.

Therefore, we can extend some understanding towards other Christians with whom we disagree.

It's a start, anyway, for a good exploring conversation.

Our class is interested in not only "where you stand" (see alise's feb 11th post), but WHY you see it that way.

I think it leads to much richer understanding, relationships, and growth.

....sorry this was so long!

See ya around the Village~

samurai said...

Long is not a problem HillSideSlide. 8)

hillsideslide said...


i mean, yaaaaaaaaaaay!