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Well, it's Tuesday and i am still adjusting to some new things at work. My mind spins like a top when new things get introduced and it takes me a little while to get them all back "in control". This means that although i wanted to stop doing rambling blogs i am going to keep on doing them for a while. 8) I just can't seem to help myself. Every once in a while i feel inclined to write Haiku poems. I don't know why really, but i have fun writing them. Here are three that came to me yesterday.
Mountains standing firm Rolling Thunder still afar Summits fade too soon
From leeward to peak Power building till release Thunder in the valley
A flower in bloom Pleasant aroma wafts over Intoxicating
Did you ever notice that there are some foods that are really good, but for some reason unless it is from the region it is known for it's just not as good? For example, when my Father lived in San Francisco i was first exposed to Sour Dough Bread. My mouth still waters when i think about the smell and the taste. I still LOVE sour dough, but it's just not as good. The same can be said for things like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Philly Cheese Steaks, or New York "Nathan's" Hot Dogs. All of these foods/dishes are offered around the country, but until you have tasted the original - you have just not enjoyed the true dish. For me... i still need to tracel to Dublin, Texas to get my hands on a true Dr. Pepper - made from the original formula. 8) I have never had a good experience with what's known as "White Elephant" parties. For the uninitiated this is a party where everyone brings a gift that was found around the house/apartment/loft/whatever, that is no longer needed by the original owner. It is then wrapped so no one else knows what it is. The game consists of everyone taking a turn where they can either "steal" a previously chosen (and unwrapped) gift, or take a "new" one from the unwrapped pile. Once a gift has been "stolen" three times it gets "locked" and is no longer eligible to steal. One the last unwrapped present has been opened, the first person to go gets one last chance to steal a present. Oh, and if your present gets stolen, you cannot steal it back - but you can steal a different present, or take an unwrapped present from the pile. Ok, back to what i was going to say. My presents have been things like, VHS exercise tapes, or "yard sale starter kits", i've even opened a walking leg boot (you know, for when people sprain their ankles and such). One year i received a quirky television show theme song CD. Not bad, but afterwards the host of the party came over and informed me that the CD had belonged to him and that he had loaned it to "Joe Snuffy" and they had never returned it. So this year, i informed my beloved that i no longer wished to participate in the game. Anyway, after the dust settled i ended up with the best present i had ever had from one of these things - and i had not even played! It was a Coca-Cola suncatcher, and the winner of it! A friend had won it and when i mentioned that i thought it was pretty cool he gave it to me. 8) That was really nice of him. It's hanging in my cubicle as i write. Ok, last but not necessarily least - because when i ramble it is really in no particular order. Yesterday i had the urge to re-listen to Susan Boyle's "Britain's Got Talent" appearance. The first one that really caused such a stir in "cyber-land". What a great story, and she really does have an incredible voice. I can no longer embed the video from You Tube, but you click on the link here to watch it for yourself if you'd like. When i watched it last night she still brought chills to my arms listening to her. I'm not sure i will go buy her album though. It's not because of anything about her, or the music industry or anything... i just don't buy a lot of music - iTunes or otherwise. After i watched Susan's video again i re-watched a clip from The 5th Element. The one where the Diva is singing her Opera. I am not sure what it is about that song, but it moves me as well. The human voice is by far the most powerful and beautiful musical instrument when played by someone who truly knows how to use it.

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