The Dream is dead for at least another two years

The Panthers have lost their 8th game of the season to the New England Patriots. It is now officially impossible for them to reach 9-7, and thus impossible to have back to back winning seasons for the first time in franchise history. At the end of the day it is just a game, and one in which i have no direct contribution so i really can't complain all that much. There is a lot of media speculation about players and coaches, etc. I will leave those things to the "professionals". In the mean time i will continue to cheer on the New Orleans Saints. 13-0 is a big deal. I will ride their bandwagon for now. 8) I did get back to some writing the latter half of last week. It was nice to get finger to keyboard once more... even if it started yet another story thread! Let me see... i have two "in-hive", one story out in the "wastes", and the new one goes back inside. In all i have links to three of the "main" houses of Hive City, three"out-landers", the 'Enforcers', and one other affiliation to which i would rather not speak. 'Tulip', my on-line encouraging pen-pal (well, fellow writer), just laughed at me. She told me, "I thought you were going to commit to your 'novel'!" Well... i have... sort of... i just got... distracted. When i showed the new piece to DS1 he told me, "I don't get it". *sigh* Well, it's a good thing i do not have illusions of grandeur. This has brought me up to a total of about 800 words for the month. I am still a little behind my daily goal, but at least it was some progress. I'm still disappointed that i can't count blogging into my word count totals. Over the weekend the Lord has opened my eyes some more. He was showing me just how selfish i can be. I hate to say this... but it actually came as a shock to me. I had thought myself to be pretty self sacrificing. Isn't amazing just how blind to our own sin we can truly be!?! It's sort of like dressing a burn wound. The bandages have to be applied in order to ward off infection, and yet in order to prevent the wound from festering the bandages have to be removed - which often has the unfortunate side affect of bonding with the healing skin. Even though this latest 'revelation' is no where near as painful as that, it's still quite uncomfortable. Still, "Faithful are the wounds of a [God]..." especially when they are designed to help us be made more into the image of His Son. Better to go to heaven sore and healing, than into the "pit" whole. Praying for His grace to continue to work in me to effect change, and not just in this area but also the one regarding personal discipline. What a sluggard i am without Christ in my life.


My ADHD Me said...

First of all, you mentioned that you got "distracted"....come on...YOU? Haha. That is part of your charm.

I definitely think that blogging should be able to go into your word count goal.

Personal discipline....that's a tough one.

As for the Panthers and the Patriots...well, for me, that's like talking to Krippled Warriors about motorcycles.... sigh

Have a great day!

My ADHD Me said...

I see I am behind on reading your posts. I am on my way now to catch up, as I enjoy your writing. I'll be commenting on the way :)