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What a whirlwind of a week. I took a few extra days off to enjoy with the family over the Thanksgiving break. It was busy, but nice. When i came back to my regular routine things were a crazy mess. The result is that my ADD brain is having trouble keeping everything sorted out. For the most part i am keeping up, but i have to compartmentalize practically everything. 8) Not to long ago i came upon a new blog. Well, not new, but new to me... you get the idea. "Brain Cramps for God" (I love that mental picture... one of a finite human being, like me, 'wrestling' over the things of God mentally. So much so that i get a "brain cramp"... i think this was the same mental picture that the author has, but i've never verified that.) Anyway... the author has made some really good points about how the "church" (the generalization of the church in America anyway) really has lost sight of exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Instead of focusing on the gospel of Christ, and loving our "neighbors" as Christ loves the church. I am not saying that abortion or homosexuality is ok in the sight of God, just that we have lost sight of so much within the body of Christ. Love the sinner, but not pointing out that sin is sin. i really need to roll this over in my mind more, but i find myself agreeing with this man and the pastor he often quotes. We as a "church" need to wake up and preach the gospel to ourselves more. We need to disciple within the body more... we need to get the church back on her knees, praying to God, we need to be merciless in our own examinations and willing to stamp out sin on our own lives. Then, as the fruit of the Spirit is lived out in front of the world, only then will we be able to show Christ's true love to the world around us and then He will make a real difference. Just like Jesus said, "For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you want, you can do good for them. But you will not always have me." (Mark 14:7, ESV) We will also always have sin in the world... until Christ returns and the victory complete within creation. You cannot legislate morality, but you can influence each other. We need to start with ourselves to put ourselves in a better position to be used of God, as He moves - not as we move. Ok, the only other thing i have on my "slate" to share with others is regarding my train of thought on "Stonewall" Jackson. I recall thinking, as i was reading Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend (this is an EXCELLENT book by the way), that he might have actually been an 'Aspie'. A lot of his characteristics are strikingly similar to what i have learned to be 'identifiers' for Aspergers. He had difficulty in social situations, he had trouble relating with others, and quite a few things struck me as familiar in this regard. Well, recently i came across an article that seems to indicate that he did indeed, most likely, have Aspergers. This is no way tarnishes my opinion of this man. I still admire him for his incredible faith in the "Almighty Creator", for his amazing skill as a leader of men, and now for one more thing that i can relate to regarding him as a human being. He was by no means perfect, but a man who was devote in his faith. (I relate to him on so many levels... one of which is that i think i am in the wrong "denomination" - but that would be of my own pursuit... and i am confident that i am where God has placed me.) I hope that anyone who stumbles upon this blog a blessed and grace filled weekend.

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My ADHD Me said...

I liked your insight on the church. We do A LOT of kneeling, sitting and standing at my church. (Lutheran).

"Compartmentalize practically everything"--Wahaha--Have you been spying on me?

I clicked on your link to Aspergers. Interesting. Especially where it said that certain people with this disorder may have circumscribed areas of interest, such as.... cars, trains, French Literature, Doorknobs, hinges...etc"

Have a great evening!