Ramblings for a Tuesday

Ok, i know i was not alive when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, but how many of you all are not intrigued by all of the conspiracy talk? I have been to Dealey Plaza and the conspiracy museum there. I have watched countless specials on the History Channel and to be honest i still have no clue as to what truly happened on 22-Nov-63. In many ways i feel that we are still feeling the repercussions of that era in our political climate today. With all of the J. Edgar Hoover and FBI investigations that preceded it, and the conspiracy whispering it has bred a fed a level of distrust between the major political parties of America, not to mention the somewhat distrust of the American government and the people. I have my own thoughts as to the why and how, but the truth is i don't know for sure. I am even more unsure how this land will ever heal completely. Our little "experiment" is idling pretty rough of late. It's no wonder a Russian professor has declared that America will collapse by 2012 (read a Wall Street Journal article here). Democrats and Republicans often go at it both overtly and covertly. There are many citizens who are so deeply rooted in their belief in one party or the other they spew "poison" to anyone or thing aligned with the opposite party. Perhaps the spiral began during the Cold War right after WWII. Until we can truly get some kind of consensus in this country we will continue to lose our influence around the world. I don't have the answers, but i know what i feel... and i am not liking what i am feeling in regards to the state of my country. Ultimately my security is not found in my country, or even on this Earth. I do pray for my President, my country, my leaders, but mostly i pray for my family. That God would reveal Himself and that He would draw them close to Him. This past Sunday "my" Panthers pulled to within seven wins to make this all i'd hoped for before the season began. They managed an ugly win over a severely struggling Tampa Bay Buccaneer team. I am still not booking additional seats on the bandwagon. The next three weeks will probably set the tone of my expectations throughout the rest of the season. They host the Bills this Sunday, then they travel to Arizona and New Orleans. If they can pull of a win in 2 out of 3 of these games i may believe they will pull out a 9-7 season. This Sunday i was able to listen to the game via the NFL Mobile Live application on my cell phone. I hooked up some old computer speakers to it, and of course it was plugged into the wall for power, and listened to it while i painted DS2's room. Really cool. So, last night i am finishing up the little chores around the kitchen and i glance over at the computer to make sure it's turned off when i see that IMDB had a link to a new Book of Eli trailer! All i can say is i am even more interested in seeing this movie when it comes out in January. I know there are a lot of ways that this can spin badly for me as a Christian... but i must admit i am hooked and will most likely drop some of my money down to see it opening weekend. I have just read back over my blog for today... wow. I even took my Strattera this morning. Especially that first paragraph. I may have to limit these rambling blogs to just one or two topics at a time. In closing i did want to share that i have begun noticing an increase in my passion for the things of God of late. I hope that it has been coming through in my blogs of late.

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Ms. Coffee said...

As I read your last bit something that was said in Bible study today came to mind, "If you can't take the Lord with you on your trip; whether in the mind or in reality, you should not be there". I have no idea why but it did.

It was a bit rambling but it makes sense. Our country is falling apart little by little. I don't know when it happened but I know it is going to affect my children as they get older. I know it will affect me as I am getting older as well.

It is scary to stand back and see what is going on. Sometimes I think that those we are running the country are too close to the problem to see what the real problem is.