The Carolina Kittens are on the prowl

Words escape me right now. I like Jake Delhomme. He has been the best Quarterback the Carolina Panthers have ever had... but you can't ignore what's been happening on the field. Ever since the playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals last season Jake has been... well... bad. He has been having trouble finding his receivers consistently, and all too often he's been finding the opposing team. Thirteen, i like the number thirteen. Maybe because i really try and buck superstitions... but i have nothing against it. It's just a number. Unfortunately it's the same number of interceptions Jake has thrown this year. It's also the number of times he's been sacked. Neither are good. Four is another number i like. I'm not sure why really it just kind of... speaks to me. I think because it has an image of four sides. Four is also the number of touchdowns Jake has thrown this year... none of them to a wide receiver. Ever since Wesley Walls left for Green Bay i've wanted the Panthers to incorporate the Tight Ends more... but this is not a good number either. Especially since we are going into game seven this weekend... incidentally against the same team where this current trend started. Speaking about the number four, 4 is the jersey number of the Panthers oldest team member. He turned 40 today. On Sunday the Charlotte Observer had a really nice article about John Kasay (you can read it here). John has been a pretty steady influence for good around the locker room of the Panthers. He is the kind of man that people are drawn too, and he's been a consistent witness for Christ too. He is a humble man and does not like the spotlight at all. When he makes a 50 yard field goal i am so happy for him that i cheer pretty load, and when he misses a kick i feel bad for him. From what little i truly know about him i want everything he does to be blessed and successful - but i am pretty sure he knows that all things are working together for his good (and mine, and the Carolina Panthers players and staff). Unfortunately he too had a bad day last Sunday (unfortunately you can read about that here as well). At least once i pray that God would allow him to experience a Super Bowl win - maybe erase the disappointment he feels for his performance last time. I don't think he would see his overall personal value tied with such an achievement, but... still, i wish nothing but the best for him. The defense has been pretty good too, and that is what makes this even more hard to bear. For the past two weeks the defense has swarmed the opposing offense, even scoring a safety in each game. Not an easy feat to do twice in one year. Now i am hearing that the Coach Fox is considering benching Jake. I want him to succeed more than almost anything, but even he is seeing that he is not getting the job done. All i can do is wait and see what the coach will do. Personally, i like symmetry. I would like for nothing more than for Jake to get the nod this coming Sunday in Arizona and for him to have the game of his life. Four touchdowns, no interceptions or fumbles, 400+ yards, and for the Panthers to redeem the terrible loss from the playoffs last year. The Bible teaches me to have faith, that if i have it even in as small a portion as that of a mustard seed mountains can be moved... but i find myself doubting. That is how bad i've been shaken. I have lost confidence in the quarterback of my favorite team. I will pray for Jake to pull himself out of his slump... i will pray for a win for the team - without injuries to either team. Above all i will ask God to have His glory shown throw the game and those who play it... no matter who wins.

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