We interupt our regularly schedule broadcast to bring you a not so special announcement...

Today is a short day and it was a distracting weekend (i.e. not my normal routine) and so i've not taken enough time to come up with an adequate selection for my usual Monday Music contribution. I am sorry about that, but i hope the ramblings below will serve as an adequate diversion. For some reason, all last week i kept hearing the old Swedish Chef's (from the Muppets) theme song over and over in my head. I just couldn't shake it. So, finally, on Thursday night i jumped on You Tube and looked up some of the old videos from the Muppet Show. I pulled in my three beautiful children to watch with me. A chance for dad to share some precious childhood memories with my children. Well, apparently it has had a dramatic impact on DS2 (for those who don't know, he has Aspergers - a form of Autism) and he has been repeating the skits over and over and over... my beloved is not all that impressed. 8) I think we are going to be trying to NetFlix the old shows. For those that may not be aware, Comic Con has been going on in San Diego California. I am not much of a convention kind of guy, but apparently this has become a big deal for Hollywood to release all kind of movie information for the geeks out in the world like me. There are others... but here are two movies that really piqued my interest... The first one is call The Book of Eli, staring Denzel Washington. This looks a little more lively than The Road. I am still checking around to learn more about it, but any movie billed as "The Road Warrior of the 21st century" has my attention. *chuckle* Here is the trailer... I am a big fan Denzel Washington and of course the whole post apocalyptic genre so it looks like i will have not one, but two movies to look forward to in the next 12 months. The second movie REALLY has my attention... TRON Legacy... I have been semi-patiently waiting for Tron 2.0... Tr2n... but it was all rumor until the official announcement. From what i have seen i REALLY like it (so far). I geeked out when i saw the first movie... and when it came out on DVD i immediately set out to get my own copy once i knew about it! And of course i have been working on adequately indoctrinating my sons in the movie. I even spent what little spare time i had at Disney World (back in the Fall of 2007) searching for the official Tron pin! But alas it was a 'limited edition' pin so i had to wait until we got back home and searched e-Bay for it. but i found it by Jove! It is currently, and proudly, pinned on my lanyard for my work ID badge! Now, i am going to make a point to search for yet another one when we go back in the Fall of 2010. 8) Anyway, here is the trailer for the new movie... Ok, since these You Tube videos do not post when the blog goes over to my facebook page, i am off to post them to my profile. 8) I trust you all have been enjoying God's abundant and wonderful grace. May He fill each of you with a palpable awareness of His presence this day...

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My ADHD Me said...

"I know I came into this room for a reason"...I MUST GET THAT PIN! lol

I love Denzel Washington too. Started liking him when I saw him in Remember The Titans. A Powerful movie.'
That book you mentioned, The Road. If that is the one by C McCarthy, then wow, that was an incredible book. I couldn't put it down. Finished it in a day and was wishing for me.

It has been a long week for everyone, I think.

Hoping the next one will be fantastic!