Music Monday - 20090713

This morning this song came to my mind in regards to my weekly "Musical Monday" offerings... In the presence -
In the Presence Words and music by Mark Altrogge As recorded on I Stand In Awe In the presence of Your infinite might I’m so small and frail and weak When I see Your power and wisdom, Lord I have no words left to speak In the presence of a holy God There’s new meaning now to grace You took all my sins upon Yourself I can only stand amazed And I cry holy, holy, holy God How awesome is Your name Holy, holy, holy God How majestic is Your reign And I am changed in the presence of a holy God In the power of Your glory All my crowns lie in the dust You are righteous in Your judgments, Lord You are faithful true and just © 1998 Integrity’s Praise! Music/Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI).

This song has served as a personal reminder of where i stand before His throne. I recently read a story regarding three different 'elements' if you will. Temperature, Light, and Morality. The overall story was supposedly an encounter between Albert Einstein and a professor, but after a little research on my own i am confident that such an exchange - at least how it was presented in the story - never took place. But the concepts contained therein are reasonable. Absolute zero is approximately -460° F. If one was to remove all light from a room we could say that it was completely dark. And the discussion of good and evil. To cut to the chase God is absolute good. In Him can be found no evil. While it is impossible for Him to do evil, He has created beings with the ability to make choices, but unless one chooses absolute good things without exception one is no longer good. It is possible to remove heat until it ceases to exist (absolute zero), it is possible to remove all light (pitch black), and it is possible to remove all good (pure evil), but once it reaches a certain point it is impossible to get any colder, any darker, and more good.

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Anonymous said...

i love that song and haven't heard it in forever. thanks!