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John Calvin is 500 today! I am not sure where those who read these rambling disjointed thoughts on occasion come from (both physically and spiritually), but i have been made aware that today is Mr. John Calvin's 500th birthday today. To celebrate Ligonier Ministries is offering a book titled Living for God's Glory for a donation of any size (today 20090710 only i'm afraid). So, Happy Birthday Mr. Calvin! While the family and i were at Hershey Park this past Tuesday i learned two things. 1) I don't seem to be able to ride the roller coasters like i used to! 8/ and 2) Creed has gotten back together for at least one tour and album. I think i had heard that before but i saw a banner advertising their concert in Hershey on 9-August. While my beloved and i are not concert goers, we both liked them and their previous work. I have read on-line that there are concerns about the band whether they are Christians or not. While the band is not a "Christian" group, it has Christians in it, and the themes of their songs are akin to the typical struggles people have with their faith and beliefs. I would not listen to them if i were trying to worship God, but i enjoy their music while working out or cutting the lawn ~ so i will most likely pick up their new album when it comes out later this Fall. My church search is progressing. The first church we visited was recommended by co-worker who recently came to Christ. I have enjoyed his enthusiasm and seeing what God has been doing in his life recently. But as we attended i just did not get the "this is home" feeling. DS2 struggled in "Kids Church", and DS1 was less than enthusiastic. We did not do the "one and done", but tried it for a couple of weeks. Last week a friend from our care group suggested the church she and her family goes to (our care group has 'representation from four local churches ~ friends from college who all live in the area and their families). The message was from their new pastor and was enthusiastically given. While it was a good message there was something underlying that did not allow me to just settle in. Some further research into the church's doctrine and affiliation has led me to believe that, although we may visit for a while, we will not become members of the church ~ although we may attend for a while. Two nights ago while we were at the dinner table DS2 brought up a point made in the sermon. I do like that. But the reason for this rambling paragraph has more to do with a call "out of the blue" i received last night. A friend from Facebook (i say from Facebook because when he lived closer i did not get to know him all that well, but our wives know each other better) was telling me of a man who may have recently started up a church in our area. He didn't want to be presumptuous and try and influence either myself or the Pastor of this church, but felt led to share it with me. God works in mysterious ways and i thought, "why not" and have attempted to contact this Pastor. We shall see how God unfolds this interesting 'development'. In any event though, i am crafting up an e-mail to send to a few former Pastors of the church i was saved in to ask them to consider a church plant closer to where i live. Thank you all for your continued prayers. 8) Oh, and speaking of churches and pastors... Gunny, i am hoping to get out your way sometime next summer to play some Battletech... the classic version of course. I am still hoping to drop you a line sometime soon. Thank you again brother.

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My ADHD Me said...

Happy Birthday John Calvin (I hope he gets my message).

Alberquando, my 13 year old, (btw, many thought that was his real name...haha...it is his made up name for my blog), ANYWAY, Alberquando and I have been going to Kings Dominion this summer, we bought season passes. ROLLER COASTERS!! I love em. But you're right, I didn't used to feel the effects the next day like I do now. Rest assured. I am quite sure they made the rides rougher than they used to. It couldn't be...dare I say it...that we are getting older?!?!

Said a prayer for your church search. We're at the same place. It isn't an easy thing to do.

Enjoy your day!!