Rambling Music Monday - 20090720

Wow... i thought Strattera was supposed to help me cut through the torrent of ideas/thoughts running through my mind and help me to focus. But here it is, Monday morning and i've got a bunch of thoughts to throw out... This morning the alarm tripped as scheduled at 0545. Normally when i fall asleep this side of midnight i usually just turn it off and let the 0715 alarm pull me out of bed, but this morning i was unusually cognizant. I know... caught me by surprise as well. So, i shuffle on out of bed... pick up my pre-loaded gym bag, get my gym clothes on and hit the gym. Good news and bad news here... the good news is that my body seems to be responding to all of the exercise (sans the weight loss so far) and i am doing more cardio and more reps/heavy weight loads and i am improving my overall body. The bad news is this now takes a little bit longer in and i got to work at 0800 right on the dot. This means i am going to have to roll the alarm back another 5-10 minutes. *hahaha* Anyway, just as i was wrapping up my time on the ingenious torture device known as an elliptical today's song came on - on my MP3 player...
Take My Hand by Russ Taff I wanna walk with you You know we're all taught to be strong We're all taught to stand on our own But it helps to have somebody To hold on to We're all on the same journey To find the way home And I think we need each other If we're gonna get through Why don't you Take my hand And let's walk together It's a long road But we can walk it together Life's the greatest gift He gave And I want to share it with You Walk with me Every year I watch the seasons change But I'm never ready when people change You see, I've had friends That just drifted out of my life Cause I never took time But I do know this If they were standing here tonight I'd tell'em Take my hand And let's walk together Take my hand and try It's a long road But we can help each other He said "Love one another" We may not have tomorrow Lord help us to hold on to each other Life's the greates gift He gave And I want to share it with you Come walk with me Take my hand And let's walk together Take my hand and try It's a long, long road But we can help each other Hold on I know we're gonna find the way home
This was the song i chose to play at my wedding for my first dance with my beloved. I looked for a YouTube video for this song but i was unable to find it. I'm a sap, and i know it... i played it twice. 8) I'm such a sap that i really like watching Pride and Prejudice with my beloved. For the longest time i resisted watching that "girl movie". There were no car chases, no explosions, no shoot outs. What could possibly interest me in such a film!?! Well, sometime back my beloved talked me into watching the movie with her. This was before the theatrical release with Keira Knightly. I don't remember when we started watching this 300 minute marathon, but i do know that my beloved fell asleep and i kept on watching. I was so sucked in that when the first disc ended i got up out of bed and dropped the second one in and watched it until it ended. I deny all this in "man circles", but it is completely true. I really do enjoy that movie. As i get closer to my beloved's surgery in early August i am finding myself focusing more on spending more time around my beloved. Well, it's not like i was avoiding her before, but... for example. Saturday morning i awoke at 0730 (after forcing myself to go back to sleep at least once before that). The kids had friends over, and they are now old enough to fend for themselves for breakfast, so instead of running downstairs i just booted up my laptop and sat in the room and played my new Blood Bowl game. I am really liking that game in that i can play a whole round in about an hour. Having never played the full rulebook (bribing the refs, training programs for the players, potions, spell casters, etc.) before i've only been playing the "Classic version. Well, this weekend i started up the Redleg Boomers. A Human team that i started playing in the "Blitz" version if the rules which incorporates all of those optional rules. I don't intend to partake in such things as bribing the refs, but i want that option available for the AI. I played two games with my brand new guys. Being as they were all rookies i was happy to scrape out a tie in the first game (against another human team), and a 1-0 win against a dwarven team. If i ever figure out how to do a screen capture in the game i'll post a team picture. *chuckle* Speaking of Redlegs. My old Battery Commander has fronted a lot of money to order a small version of our old Battlaion colors (pictured right). I had to dip into my candy money, but i order one for me. Twenty two years in the military and the last nine were the most enjoyable to me. I joined the Artillery in August of 1999 and became a 'Redleg' the summer of 2000. Although i was only deployed once (Federaly) with them we (the Battalion) experienced four Federal deployments in that time and several state missions - one of which was for Hurrican Katrina. We had a really diverse array of charecters, but we became kind of like an extended family. Which is why i don't really mind that i am the main organizer for the 'Old Timers' breakfast get togethers. I am kind of bummed though. With my Beloved's surgery coming up... it looks like i may not be able to make the deactivation ceremony. But my priority is to her and for her recovery. The guys will be there when we have the breakfast gettogether in October. Ok... i've rambled on long enough. If i keep putting my rambling thoughts down i am never going to get this up.

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