Fixing things that work

Well I am on day 10 of my work week with only 2 days off in the last 27, and looking at another 6 days before my next day off. But I am not actually writting to complain about that. Yesterday I actually had two entries, the one you see now, and a second one. The second one I expressed a thought about how we deal with trials in our lives. Essentially my thought was along the line of when we complain about the circumstances in our lives we essentially complaining that God is not taking care of us. That we feel that we are getting a raw deal, or that in essence we know better than God what is good for us. I mean really - if you break it down to a common denominator think about it. If we say that we do not like having to work overtime - as in my case - we are saying that God is treating us infairly. If God is sovereign, and He dictates to what extent the enemy of my soul can tempt me or afflict me, then He is ultimately in charge of my life. He is not surprised my my work week, and His Word is pretty specific that we are never tried beyond what we are able to bear. And that He has us in His hand. So when I complain about my circumstances I am ultimately saying that I am not trusting in what He is either doing directly, or what He is allowing to happen to happen in my life. I am then saying in essence he is not Lord in my life. And that is a scary thing to say. We need to remind ourselves - as a pastor once told me in a sermon - we need to talk to ourselves (essentially preach to ourselves). In Job (13:15) we hear him say "Though He slay me, I will hope in Him". Job goes on to say that he will argue his case before the ultimate judge of all creation... but remember that in the end God tells Job, "Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Dress for action like a man; I will question you, and you make it known to me." God never answers Job why these afflictions happen to him. We get to see it because of God's Word, Job never knows while he is in the midst of his trials - most of us never will either. But we know in whom we do trust... and this life is but such a sliver in light of eternity. Our hope is in One who is perfect in justice and mercy. Well, my issue has been resolved. I am out here till tomorrow. May the Lord shine upon you all. :)


Jim Neff said...

Hey there Samurai,
I just discovered your blog (followed link from TMB) and enjoy reading blogs about other Christians and their struggles with life.

I'm struggeling with that idea you suggest that God is soverign and "in control of everything." I'm not saying your wrong, but its just a concept that I'm having trouble with due to my life experiences. One thing that pokes out in my mind is if God is "in control" then where do we lay the blame for sin. If God is "in control" and allows sin then wouldn't he become a guilty party? I tend to think of things this way, God can control things, but instead lets us make the decisions (to sin or not) ours. We have the free choice in the matter and if we choose wrong God will discipline us as his children. Since we can freely choose to sin (against ourselves or others) then the effect other people's sin on us we have right to complain about. I think by complaining to God (in prayer, and reading the Bible), He will show us what to do about those around us and how to love them. In effect, we become part of God's Will in bringing them to repentence.

Again, I'm not saying I'm right and your wrong, these are just the thoughts that I'm struggeling with at the moment. I think we are all at various stages of the race and some have mastered aspects of God's grace that others havn't even discovered.

Thanks again for your blog.

samurai said...

Ah the whole canundrum between man's responsibility and God's sovereignty. :)

I will see what I can do to post a good enough reply.

These are things we as Christians will wrestle with until we stand before the Father.

Thank you for taking the time to post feedback. :) I will be checking out your Blog as well. :)