Being On-Call

Well, it is Sunday afternoon and I am finding myself at work. It is part of my job description and being in IT I have realized that IT does not sleep. Little 1's and 0's run between computers 24x7x365 and things do not always go as they are "supposed" to. :) Although I missed church this morning, and a good part of my weekend because of this I am not unhappy. Don't get me wrong, I am disappointed because I will now miss church 3 Sunday's in a row because of my empoyers, but how can I be mad? God has provided me with these jobs and it is by His hand I am able to provide for my family. With the National Guard I was just an irrisponsible young man. I had never held a job down for more than 3 months and as I submitted applications for jobs they began to notice. Some highlights of how God used the Guard in my life... 1) The Guard has given me some discipline in my life. I have been with the guard for 20 years this July, and with my current civilian employer for over 10 years now. 2) It has allowed me to serve others during times of crisis. 3) On one instance it helped me with a medical problem that would have cost me a lot of money, but was covered. 4) It will provide for me in retirement. With my civilian job I rejoice the most for it is through this job that I most clearly see God's hand in providing not just for me, but for my family as well. I was hired by the job I held previously by strictly being able to know how to use windows. From there my employer taught me about networking (x.25 anyone) as well as some other skills. When I obtained a CNA for Novell in 1996 I was encouraged by my then current employer to seek employment elsewhere (long story, but not fired). I only sent my resume to one company - and was hired mostly because my previous employer used the same ticketing system (and still does 10 years later !?!), and the CNA. Well, I have been with them eversince. With my current job I am able to provide for my family of 5 and allow my beloved to stay home with our children. My current job I could not have obtained by my design. I lacked the knowledge as to how. Both my current and previous employer brought me in with minimal skills and trained me. My journey to this point in my life is an oddesy - no doubt. But for me there are signs if Providence along the path - and I rejoice in His mighty hand of provision. Verse for today: 1 Timothy 6:17-19 esv As for the rich in this present age, charge them not to be haughty, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy. They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life.

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