The changing of seasons

I am pretty sure i've mentioned it before... but i am not a big fan of change.  And yet... the one thing that is consistent IS change. "Everything in the universe is on time, and everything is subject to change."

THUMPER heads to High School this year.  He is really a good young man.  I worry and dread and all that stuff, but for the most part he really does make decent decisions and has a direction and he is moving towards his goals - even though they don't include the military (so far)... i am blessed to have him as a son.  He's already talking about a job he would like to have next summer.  Of course that includes driving...

PIRATE will be starting band this year.  This one caught me by surprise.  He will be playing the saxophone for the first time.  This makes me nervous because he is not one to like practicing, and he has a low tolerance for mistakes... in himself or with others.  Like me, he does not do well with change, although he is getting better.

PUMPKIN has been practicing with a girls only traveling soccer team, and we even hosted two of the coaches who came from the United Kingdom to help teach the kids (it's a summer job type of thing for them).  She took is going to a new school.

After fourteen years seven months and a handful of days and hours, my Beloved is returning to the work force.  BY God's amazing providence, it is the same position that she left to become a SAHM just before THUMPER was born.  I could tell she had been getting antsy... well, for a while now.  A year and a half ago she worked part time in the evenings, but it was not really her 'cup of tea'.  We are pretty sure that this is a job that she will not have too much trouble with.  God willing, we will be able to get some money saved for the upcoming expenses like... cars and car insurance... college... weddings... maybe even a 20th anniversary trip of some kind.  The hardest part for me is that her hours will be flexible depending upon the need, etc. and also having to make sure all three munchkins are where they need to be and homework and chores are getting done.  I am most nervous about my expectations... i once heard a Pastor say "Disappoint comes when expectations exceed experience".  So true.

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