Am i a nerd or a geek? Be careful what you ask, you may not like the answer.

I recently learned that Gaelic Storm will be in and around my area in September!  I learned about this group through Facebook when they suggested a page related to both the samurai (?) and Celtic Folk music.  You see, they have a song titled The Samurai Set, and it came up as a recommended song. I listened to it and i really liked them.  I am hoping to get tickets to go see them.

I still don't own any of their CD's, or even MP3 downloads, but i hope to change that sometime in the near future.  Why can't i find Christian groups that perform this kind of music?  If anyone knows of a group, PLEASE share it with me. 

I continue to enjoy the Facebook game MouseHunt. I recently completed my collection of mice from the Furoma region by catching the elusive Dumpling Chef Mouse.  There are other hard breeds to catch on the mainland, but i am recently making a push to save some gold, complete the S.S. Huntington II, and then make a foray into the King's Gauntlet.  Just Tier I for now.  I keep gushing about how it takes time, thought, and patience, but it is what keeps drawing me in.  I don't have to sit and watch, but come back from time to time and collect things.When i grow tired of an area, i can always move on to a new/different region, and pick up the hunt on another new mouse.  Thus far, i am not even half way to having one of every type of mouse, let alone one of each kind of trap.  Gobs of fun.

I have slowly been working my way though Gav Thorpe's book, The Way of the Warrior.  For a Geek who loves all things Elvish, this is a real treat to read.  Especially because this book has really provided me with a good insight into how the Eldar of the Warhammer 40,000 universe think and interact with the world around them.  This has inspired me to revisit the 3,200 word introduction of my "new" character.  With what i am learning i can see this introduction growing even further.  Unfortunately, this will delay the "release" of it to my short story blog.  Speaking of which, i am also trying to learn how to rework the layout of that blog.  Right now the display of the stories are from newest to oldest, but i want to rework it so that there is a tab for the different story lines, and then the stories display oldest to newest... and maybe even in sequential pages.  Again, if a reader stumbles to this humble blog please feel free to share it with me. I am always willing to send it on to others i find as well.  I've even talked ORK, a longtime friend from High School, to actually start up his own blog to share his tales as well.

Using the "way back machine"... back in High School i had the unwanted nickname "Brainiac".  It was given to me by some of the "cool" kids because i was some what of a loner, always walking the halls with a book in my hands, and sticking with my handful of friends.  Who i am still friends with by the way.  I have also often referred to myself as a geek, so when i saw one of those Blogthings test thinies "Are you a Geek or  Nerd" i took the test and was surprised!

You Are a Nerd

You are a total brainiac, and you are really hardcore about sticking to your quirks.

You don't want to change who you are. You may have a bit of trouble fitting in, but that's fine with you.

You like to spend time alone. You have enough interests to keep you occupied for years.

You do have a few fellow travelers that you're close to, and they're as big of nerds as you are.

You can't really take all of those tests seriously, but they are fun to take from time to time.  So i will probably keep referring to myself as a geek, but i thought i'd share this with y'all. 

Again, i am who i am, and although i am working towards morphing myself into Christ's image day by day - i am who God has made me, and he is not surprised by who/what i am.


Alise said...

I'm a huge Iona fan. They are just my most favorite Christian Celtic band. Check out this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMppT0MdWMg

That said, this band is pretty amazing as well. Will definitely check out their stuff!

Susan said...

You've been busy! Thanks for sharing.

samurai said...

Thanks Alise... i will try and check them out tonight/tomorrow. 8)

TY - Susan. Hope all is well with you and the boys and LG. 8)