Friday Ramblings

This morning i woke up with what i can only describe as "tingly brain".  Before the sleep study i would get them every once in a while, never knew why.  Now that i know... i am a little more concerned, but at least i know what causes it.  I just don't like the fuzzy headed after affect.  Another problem is that the more seizures you have, the more likely you are to have them again.  Sort of like getting dehydrated... which reminds me... i have a new goal.  I want to drink 100 oz. of water a day.  Sort of wean myself off of the pop.

I have moved to a new area in MouseHunt.  I have entered the Furoma Dojo, the area of 'Tactical' mice.  It has become my newest favorite place in MouseHunt.  One reason i like it is i have captured a "samurai mouse".  OK, a little biased... but hey.  I have to double check, but i think there are only two mice there i have yet to catch.  The Master of the Dojo,and the Dojo Sensei mouse.  Before i can move up to the Pinnacle chamber to try my skill (aka Luck) at catching them, i need to be able to craft the right kind of bait.  You see, just like their students below them, they are only attracted by a certain kind of cheese.  In order to make this cheese i need to be patient, and hunt the students for the ingredients to make the cheese that only the masters are attracted to, in order to collect the pieces i need to make the cheese to attract the Dojo Master... who in turn has the pieces i need to catch the Sensei.  But in order to craft the cheese for the 2nd to last mouse in this area... i have to gain more experience... which means hunting the student mice... which is fine, because i need a LOT more tokens to collect the shards... to collect the black onyx.... etc.  Did i mention that this game requires patience?

I have the next section of my story 'ready' to post on my short story blog, but i've actually postponed posting it.  Mostly because i've not been disciplining myself to sit down and continue writing the follow up chapters.  8(  I was on a roll for a while... i wonder what changed recently...

I have come up with blogging names for the whole family... people kept asking me what/who is "DS1", etc.So... My Beloved is of course my bride.  LONG-SHANKS is DS1,  PIRATE will be DS2, PUMPKIN is DD3, COWGIRL is the mother of the family who is staying with us for a little while, SLIM is her DS1, and DANCER is her DD2.  I do this with my other friends on here as well... RAM, MOUSE, PROFESSOR, PETRA, RAIDER, WYRD, TYNIE, ORC, DX3... well, you get the idea.  This way i have names for them, while not revealing personal information about them.

I am out of time to ramble for today.  God Bless you all, and for all the Fathers out there - Happy Father's Day!

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