"I Love Your Blog "

"Jingle", who has recently begun to read my blog from time to time, has tagged my blog with a "I Love to Read Your Blog" award.  Now, i think that is pretty nice.  So, i thought i would share it with whoever else happens to read these ramblings. 8)  I am honored that anyone, other than myself, would actually continue to come back and read more than once.

The rules are pretty simple, i now list 10 Things I love...

1) I love Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  He is my rock and my sanctuary.  Since i responded to His call i have known unspeakable joy, and peace.  He is my Alpha and Omega.  Before there was time He knew my name, and He sought me out.  He was instrumental in my life when i still hated Him, and yet even then He reached out to touch and intercede for me.  Without Him, i have nothing.

2) I am deeply in love with my Beloved wife whom has been such an incredible blessing in my life.  God has used her in my life to learn and grow.  She has been an oasis in a pretty topsy turvy world.  She is truly my best friend and soul mate.  A precious gift of God, and i can never say thank you enough for her.

3) I love my children.  What an amazing source of grace in my life.  Not only has God entrusted me to teach and prepare them, He uses them in my own life to learn and grow.  Even aside from that, what a source of joy each of them are in my life.  Each one unique.  Each one amazing.  May God continue to shower them with grace and mercy (to make up for my failures), and when the time comes, may each of them launch out into the "target" God has for them, and may they influence their world for the Kingdom.

4) I love American Football.  For as long as i can remember i've liked football.  I still remember watching the Washington Redskins (my father's lifetime favorite team) take on the New York Giants on a grainy black and white television.  Not long after my dad took me to a game at Giants Stadium when the Redskins came to town.  Loved it.  I've been to several baseball games, and while i love the atmosphere at a ballpark, the franks, etc.  There is something about Football that just stirs excitement in me. There is a strategy involved, strength of will, teamwork.  It's not just 22 guys trying to knock each other down.

5) I love Elves.  I am not referring to the older Scandinavian like Sprites or those associated with St. Nicolas.  I am referring to the Tolkien type.  To be honest i am not really familiar with the smaller cousins, so i cannot speak as to why i do not prefer them over the larger ones; however, i can speak to the reasons why i love Token's version.  For one, the have a love of music (see #10 below) and the study of the world around them.  They fight ferociously against the encroachments of evil wherever it is found.  They are unhurried in their study of the world around them, and they seek to live in harmony with the environment.  They can afford to be patient as they live 'forever'.  And they have a grace of movement which is incredible.  If God ever allowed me to be something other than human, i think i would ask to be an Elf.

6) I love writing.  It is my creative side.  It's like the world i write in is all mine.  I can immerse myself into it and create whatever i want.  It is an escape for me.  One way that i can, in a fashion, still play with my "little army men".

7) I love learning about grace.  One reason i have a growing stack of books to read on my nightstand is because i do love to learn more about grace, to learn more about God and the study of His word.  One thing i do suffer from having a hard time forcing myself to reread things i may have covered.  Even if it is from another point of view.  Like my pride says, "oh, i got this, next..."  Once i trip over this landmine of my own creation i often have to reread the section.

8) I love strategy games.  I still remember playing my first two different strategy games.  The first one was (i believe) a "block game" simply called Napoleon.  It was a board war game with wooden pieces designating Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery.  I was hooked within 5 minutes of being introduced to the game.  This happened the Summer of 1980.  I could probably still walk to the apartment my cousins had taken me to to visit with their friend.  The second one, and i am pretty sure it was at the same friend's house was a game called Tactics II.  Similar, but a more modern version and a little more dynamic in regards to the maneuver of troops, etc.  Later on i learned about Squad Leader (a WWII squad level tactics game), and Air War.  While i couldn't find a direct link to Air War, i remember devouring the rules and leaning about roll, pitch, yaw, inertia and how it required the build up of energy points to make turns, etc.  If only life were less complicated.

9) I love post apocalyptic science fiction.  I am not really sure when i was hooked, but there were several influences in my life.  Gamma World (RPG), Damnation Alley (movie) come to mind.  There is something to be said about over coming life difficulties, especially after having grown up with everything one needs to survive at one's fingertips.  I think it also has to do with a latent desire to simplify my life.  Granted... life would NOT be simple in such a world.  My more recent interests in this genre are the Terminator movie series, The Book of Eli, Shadowrun (RPG).

10) I love music.  Preferably music without lyrics.  My tastes range from Classical Symphony, quartets, rock and roll solos - guitar, drum, keyboard, or in the case of Jethro Tull - flute, to Celtic Folk music (i.e. River Dance).  I have had a desire, especially after joining our High School Pipe Band (TYNIE, a serious thank you for inviting me to join ~ my only wish is that i had participated longer), and really loving Jethro Tull back then didn't hurt either, to learn an instrument.  Preferably the flute or penny whistle.  Someday, maybe i will actually achieve this dream.


Now i am to tag other blogs that i love to read (and follow up with a comment on their blogs to let them know how much i appreciate and love their blogs).

CJ Mahaney's View from the Cheap Seats ~ While the title has CJ's name, it is also authored by Dave Harvey and a few others. 
Of First Importance ~ This is a Theological blog (author unknown to me) that seeks to share the gospel of Christ first and foremost.
Thoughts of a Wood Elf ~ This woman has a passion to follow the Lord like i have rarely seen. it is a beautiful thing.
Big Mama's Blog ~ This woman and i do not see "eye to eye" on a few things; however, she has a passion for singing and seeking. And she is open and honest enough to share it with the world.
A Lumberjack's Wife ~ A recent find of mine.  Hilarious, she has on more than one occasion induced Dr Pepper through the nasal passageways.
Monkeys are Funny ~ A fellow beneficiary of ADD as well as a public servant.  Well before her back injury, and i have found that although the body has failed in some aspect, the mind and heart have not.
Lovin' and Livin' ~ A long time internet/blogging friend.  Through storms and deserts she still persavieers.


Alise said...

Thanks for the nod! I appreciate it so much!

thelumberjackswife said...

Thank you! And you had a nice list of things you love . . . loved the grace one! Have a lovely day!

ineverhavetheanswer said...

Since I have met you - you have been my brother in Christ and thank you - for tagging me!