The Ramblin' Roamer has Returned

About ten days ago now i learned that my last Grand Parent had passed away.  She was 82.  Last Friday was her funeral.  With the gracious support of my coworkers and my beloved i took off Thursday and Friday and made the nearly 1,000 mile round trip in my little 2000 Toyota Echo.  When i looked up the route via Mapquest and Yahoo Maps, i had three alternatives.  The first two took me via Pittsburgh and the Northern PanHandle of West Virginia, the last one took me through the heart of WV.  I've taken each of these paths at various points in my life and i opted for the more scenic - the latter.  Because the driving time was so long (in the end i had spent almost 20 hours - just driving) i purchased a copy of "The Lord of the Rings" on CD.  As i drove through the wooded hilly terrain i came to realize just how beautiful West Virginia is.  It made me think that both the Elves and Dwarves of Tolkien lore could live there in harmony because there would be something for both of them.  Sure, the Appalachian Mountain range is not as "grand" as the Rockies, but they are rugged in their own right.  Legolas and Gimli could live there.  One word though... make sure your tank is full, and you have snacks a plenty if you are choosy where you fill up and eat at.  While there are still quite a few options for either, the stretch between I-79 and Parkersburg was a little sparsely populated.  I am too used to seeing what is available from the highway when i am thinking about exiting. 8)

When i got back home on Saturday i was able to hang out at home with the family before heading back out to meet up with a bunch of friends for a "Guys night" that had been previously arranged.  (I had to miss the Redleg reunion breakfast that morning - also previously arranged. 8( ).  After a quick bite at Ruby Teusday's we went over to the theater to watch The Book of Eli. I was really impressed with this movie overall.  No human expression or witness will ever be perfect, but i feel that Denzel Washington did a very good job through this mainstream movie release.  There are some things i did not like in regards to my faith in Christ, and somethings i was really glad to see in there.  If you don't mind 'hard' movies, and you are a Christian, i highly recommend this movie.  I want to see it in the theater again, and i would like very much to pick this up on DVD when it comes out.

Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti last week, people have been incredibly generous to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  This was the first time i heard of being able to make a donation via a text through your cellphone.  You can donate $10 to the Red Cross simply by typing "Haiti" and sending it to 90999.  But the one that is closer to my heart is the ability to donate $10 via the same method to Habitat for Humanity.  To donate to Habitat type "Habitat" and text it to 25383.  The Red Cross does an outstanding job getting into places and helping people through the initial shock of such disasters, but Habitat for Humanity will help those who survive recover and get back to "normal" over the long haul.  Please prayerfully consider a donation today.

Lastly i would like to share a really cool video i first saw over at my fellow ADHD blogger's site, Monkeys are Funny.  While i do not think the "H" (Hyper) part really applies to me, i definitely have trouble paying attention.  When i saw this video i was like "THAT"S IT!" This young lady really explains what it's like having ADHD.

I used to dread being "labeled", which is why i have probably never tried to seek official diagnosis.  But the more i learn about what i (and others like me) go through, the more i see it as a blessing from God.  One outlet for me is writing - which i have already gone over before - and a cousin also explained it to me that it is an expression, or a display, or my Creator's gifts in me.  He has made me to be able to 'delve' if you will, to express things, to 'dissect' things visually with my mind.  I may lack in other areas (empathy with others for one), but God has shared a 'piece of Himself' if you will.  And in that i will rejoice.

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